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Aiano is a British made manufacturer of various wire works products. They make use of the plethora of resources the UK and local European Countries have to offer by sourcing all of their steel locally. They weld and make their own products within the UK itself and product high quality non corrosive (hot dipped) galvanized steel light guards. There are various applications for their sturdy products, ranging from extra anti vandal security to having the protective shield around nursery and school radiators to prevent children from harm.

Aiano uses a process called 'hot-dip' galvanizing, where the steel is dipped in a series of preparatory baths to clean the steel before being dried and then dipped into a molten zinc bath. This process creates a reaction between the zinc and the iron within the steel to create various zinc-iron layers. These layers provide a robust coating which is much more durable than the cold galvanization process that iss often used by other brands.