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E27 Light Bulbs

If you’ve purchased a new light fitting for your home, or you need to replace a bulb in an existing light, you may find that what you need is an E27 bulb. Most people in the UK will have an E27 light fitting somewhere in their home, so it’s important to understand what an E27 is, how to fit one, and how to select a E27 bulb.

Warm White E27 Light Bulbs Cool White E27 Light Bulbs Daylight E27 Light Bulbs

As the E27 is one of the most popular types of bulb used in the UK today, there is an almost unlimited number of buying options. So how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one? Here are some of the most important things to think about with an E27:

  • Style: What does an E27 look like?

The only consistent feature that all E27 bulbs have in common is the 27mm screw base. Beyond that, there’s really no hard and fast rule as to what an E27 should look like. The appearance of an E27 really all comes down to the style of the bulb itself. Options are:

  1. E27 GLS bulb: The pear-shaped bulb that has become the standard
  2. E27 candle: A tapered bulb designed to replicate the shape of a flame
  3. E27 corn bulb: A corn cob-looking bulb with light diodes on all sides
  4. E27 globe: A spherical bulb that is completely or almost completely round
  5. E27 golf ball: Small round bulbs that are usually more compact than a globe
  6. E27 reflectors: Spotlight bulbs with a wider beam angle

These are just some of the most common styles of E27 bulb. There are many others - including pygmy bulbs, squirrel cage bulbs, tubular bulbs, and UFO bulbs, too.

  • Features: What can an E27 do?

Added features can help to make E27 bulbs more suitable for your particular lighting application. For example, an E27 dimmable bulb can help you to transform a space into a multi-use area, with a bright light for working, and a softer light for socialising.

Some types of E27 dimmable bulb may also be controllable via WiFi if you select a smart E27 that can be operated remotely through an app. Some of the apps compatible with some types of E27 bulb include Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings. By selecting a smart compatible bulb, you will be able to control your lighting from the app from any connected device and any connected location.

  • Colour: What colour bulbs are E27s?

E27 bulbs come in a very broad spectrum of colours, ranging from very orange hues like a sunrise or sunset (low on the Kelvin scale) to an almost blue colour (high on the Kelvin scale). Neutral daylight whites are also available, and are some of the most popular.

However, white isn’t the only option. The Crompton brand especially is known for their extensive collection of alternative colour bulbs, including E27s. Greens, reds, pinks, purples, and colour selectable bulbs can help you create the right home atmosphere. 

What is an E27 light bulb?

An E27 can also be referred to as an ES bulb. An ES E27 bulb is an Edison Screw Bulb, named after the American inventor Thomas Edison who first developed this particular type of bulb. All ES bulbs have the characteristic threaded base which matches the threading inside some types of light fitting. The ‘E’ in E27 refers to the Edison Screw base, while the ‘27’ refers to the diameter of the screw. In this case, the screw is 27mm.

However, there are many other types of Edison Screw besides the E27. Edison Screw bulbs come in a range from E5, where the screw diameter is 5mm, to E40, where the screw diameter is 40mm. Each size of ES bulb will fit a different type of application, so it’s important to make sure that the E27 is definitely the size of Edison Screw that you need.

An E27 bulb will have roughly the same diameter as an adult thumb. In contrast, the smaller E14 (the Small Edison Screw, or SES) will be more similar in size to a little finger.

Some people make the mistake of trying to use a similar sized bulb in an E27 fitting, especially the E26 which is just one millimeter smaller. However, the E27 is specifically designed for 240V lights that we have here in the UK, while the E26 is designed for 120V lights which are more common in the United States, so always stick to the right bulb. 

What size is an E27?

While the E27 screw base measures 27mm in diameter, it’s important to remember that the number in the bulb name refers only to the base itself. The bulb part at the other end can come in all sorts of different lengths and diameters depending on the style of the bulb you choose. The size of the bulb only matters for aesthetic purposes. As long as you are matching an E27 lamp with a 27mm Edison Screw bulb, it should fit just fine.

Is an E27 a screw-in bulb?

Every ES bulb is a screw-in bulb. This means that it’s very quick and easy to install and change as needed. To fit an E27 screw bulb, you simply need to place the threaded base into the opening on the light fitting, and apply gentle pressure while turning the bulb in a clockwise direction. You should feel the two threads connecting as you do it.

Is an E27 bulb a standard bulb?

The E27 lamp base in a light fitting is one of the most popular here in the UK. It’s everywhere, from homes and hotels to restaurants and schools. This means the E27 bulb is easy to find, and there are a lot of choices available. Most reputable light bulb manufacturers will offer E27s, such as Osram, Calex, Crompton, Girard Sudron, Integral, Megaman, MiniSun, and V-Tac amongst many more.

What wattage is an E27 bulb?

E27 bulbs range from 1W to 150W in the older incandescent bulbs and 1W to- 25W in the LED versions. However, if you’re selecting an LED bulb, remember that wattage is no longer an accurate representation of brightness, as LED bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs to produce the same amount of light. Instead, it’s best to look at Lumens. The higher the Lumens (lm), the brighter the light. 

Is E27 LED?

Today, the E27 LED bulb is the most common type of E27 bulb. LED technology is not only more environmentally friendly, but is also cheaper to run, too. That’s because LEDs consume less electricity than their older incandescent counterparts. LED bulbs typically last much longer, too, so don’t need to be replaced as often. It may still be possible to find E27 incandescents from some suppliers, although with this older technology now being phased out in most countries, it is much easier to find LED Edison Screw bulbs.