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Home Control System Light Bulbs

With devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home becoming more common, it's easy to see why home control system bulbs are now one of the quickest growing lighting trends. With smart compatibility ranging across Amazon, Google, and Samsung and bulbs in a selection of shapes and wattages, it's not surprising that more and more people are coming to BLT Direct to source their smart lighting. From LED Strip to standard GLS bulbs, we are certain to have the perfect lighting for your home.

Which smart bulbs work with Alexa or Google Home?

All of the products in this category can be controlled via smart home systems including, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and Samsung Smart Things. We believe it's important to offer a wide range of smart compatibility across several brands to enable you to find the perfect smart bulbs to suit your lighting scheme. So whether you're looking for some Alexa compatible bulbs or you need a new light for your Google Home scheme, we have you covered.

What can a Alexa smart bulb do?

If you want control of your bulbs at a moments' notice, then Google Home or Amazon Alexa compatible bulbs are perfect for you. With voice control capability, you can turn off/on bulbs, change colour, and even dim your smart lights. These systems remove the need for scrolling through apps or flicking switches and provide a quicker and more practical solution to controlling the lights in your home.