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LED Strip Lights

8mm Seamless

Absolutely No Spotting - IP20 and IP67 Options

4mm Seamless

Our Slimmest Tape - Completely Spotless

Standard SMD (Dotted)

Standard LED Strip - Ideal For Use In Diffused Profiles

Plug & Play

5 Metre DIY Kits - Simply Plug Into A Standard Socket!

If you need to create a big impact but are low on space, these LED Strip lights are for you. Easy to install, this simple but impressive lighting can be used by anyone, taking only minutes to personalise and reinvent your space. These lights can be used for a variety of applications including kitchens and bedrooms, and with our tape coming in an array of colours and lengths, you are sure to find something that will suit your needs. Check out our extensive collection and brighten your home today.

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What are the best LED strip lights?

At BLT Direct we offer only the highest quality LED Strip, sourced from trusted and reliable manufacturers. However, we also understand that the best product is one that suits your needs most appropriately, for this reason we stock lighting in a variety of IP ratings. IP20 is perfect for bedrooms, whereas a bathroom or kitchen may require more durable and waterproof lighting and so IP65 is recommended . If your lighting a small area and need less than 5m of strip then 12 volt strip is recommended, however for big projects needing long lengths, 24 volt strip is more suitable.

What IP rating do I need?

Our kits have varying IP ratings enabling you to use them in different environments such as under kitchen cabinets and ponds/water features. Here's some information on different IP ratings and where it can be used.

IP20 - For indoor use such as behind TV's and up stairs.
IP65 - This is splashproof and for use in kitchens and steamy bathrooms.
IP67 - Used in outdoor lighting.
IP68 - General usage is in swimming pools, ponds etc. at depth of up to 1.5m.

Colour Options

You can choose from different colours such as Warm White (3000k), Cool White (4500k) and Daylight (6500k). You also have the option to choose RGB colour changing, this tape comes complete with an Infrared remote giving you the power to change it to any colour you like.

Warm White is used in traditional rooms keeping in line with the cozy atmosphere whereas Cool White and Daylight is used in modern applications such as kitchens and bathrooms.

How to power your LED strip

These come in 12v and 24v so you will need a power supply to run it. You need to choose the correct power supply for your desired length, in our specifications it will tell you how many Watts per meter it is, you have to multiply this by the length of strip you want and then choose a LED power supply that will take a higher load. For example if it's 6.36W per meter and you have a 3 meter strip, the total Wattage is 19.08 so our 30W LED Driver would be the ideal choice.


LED Tape – Choose you're desired length in the colour you want.

LED driver (power supply) – Work out your total wattage and choose the correct driver.

Connectors – If you plan to cut your tape for use around corners, you will need to buy connectors.

Profile – You can install LED tape within diffused aluminium profile for a more finished look.

3 Pin Plug – If you plan to plug your strip in, you will need a 3 pin plug to wire on.

Do LED strip lights ruin your walls?

LED strip lights have a strong self adhesive side, meaning they will not fall or move once placed. This can cause issue with older paint or if the tape is kept in a single location for many years as if not removed correctly and carefully then it can take paint off the walls. The good news is that that is not the only way to apply this product. With our LED profile and covers, you can take your strip lighting inside and outside without the worry of removing paint. With the options of double sided tape, mounting brackets and screw in profile, all available on our website, the ability to light up any wall risk free has never been easier. The profile encases your strip lighting and stops any adhesive problems without compromising on the brightness and quality of your lighting. This allows for installation of beautiful ceiling or bedroom strip, worry free.

Can I leave LED strip lights on overnight?

More benefits of LED strip lighting include it's low cost, energy efficiency and that it produces almost no heat in comparison to older incandescent light bulbs. This enables it to be used for long periods of time without the threat of over-heating or starting fires if left unattended. Using a semi-conductive material to generate light opposed to a heated filament, LED bulbs are a safer and cost effective alternative to incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, LED lighting consumes just a fraction of the power of older lighting, ensuring that your lights stay brighter for longer without increasing you electric bill and in most cases actually saving you money.

Can LED strips die?

LED strip lighting is some of the longest lasting and reliable lighting on the market. Boasting average life expectancies of up to 30,000 hours, you can feel rest assured that your lighting will maintain its flawless performance for many years. With many of BLT Direct's collection coming with up to 3 years warranty, we have you covered if you experience any problems. Due to our products long lasting features, it is often reused in many different rooms, provided the application is correct and the adhesive is replaced. And with our LED profile providing surrounding protection, your tape will be a mainstay in your home lighting for years to come.

Can LED strip be cut and still work?

LED Strips are designed to be cut to match the length required for your lighting and still work. However, you must use the set cut points otherwise you will damage your tape. After cutting, link the tape to the connector and see for yourself that it still works.

How do I install LED Tape Lights?

Measure how much LED strip you require and then cut to length at the set cut points. Next, take your strip and connect it to the LED driver using the connector clip, for best results when using outdoors, cover this connection with heat shrink. Finally, remove the self-adhesive backing from the tape and install.

Where should LED strip lights be placed under cabinets?

When adding LED strip lights to the underside of cabinets, you should stick the strip close to the middle front edge of the cabinets, this is to ensure maximum illumination whilst keeping the fixture hidden. Additionally, if you need to hide the power cable, some simple tie wraps should do the trick.

Looking for more information? Check out our "The Ultimate Guide to Using LED Light Strips In Your Home" article.