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Philips Ballasts

A range of Lighting Control Gear from Philips incorporating fluorescent, metal halide, sodium and mercury vapour ballasts, rotary switches and timed, parallel, super imposed, SDW and SOX ignitors. Philips is a leading manufacturer of lighting solutions and associated products; to this end you can be assured that the range of control gear on offer will meet and exceed all of your requirements and expectations.

We have categorised the Philips ballast range according to type; within each section is a detailed list of products with individual specifications including wattage, application and dimensions.

For over 30 years Philips has been manufacturing control gear solutions that enhance the performance of lighting solutions. A vast range of lamps require additional gear for proper operation, and the incorrect ballast can impact on performance. The correct gear increases functionality (e.g. dimming), comfort (elimination of flickering) and reduces costs by saving energy and increasing lamp life. Philips offer a wide ranging catalogue of solutions from magnetic to electronic covering all applications from T5, T8 and CFL to Low Pressure Sodium Ignitors.