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Pink Light Bulbs

Are you looking for a fun and playful way to freshen up a room in your house? You’d be surprised by how much a quick lighting change can completely transform your home. If you’re trying to be creative, or just looking to experiment with different colours in your home, why not ditch your regular light bulbs for pink bulbs.

Not only do pink bulbs give off a more flattering, warmer light than typical cool and warm whites, but they also add a totally unique touch to your space. A pink LED bulb will give off the same amount of light as your typical fittings but will fill any room with a cosy, warm atmosphere that will make you or your guests feel instantly calm and relaxed.

Whether you’re looking to replace an existing fitting, or on the hunt for the perfect bulb to install in your newest light fixture, we’ve got a range of pink light bulbs for you to choose from at BLT Direct.

Browse our full collection today, or keep on reading to find out even more about why a pink light bulb could be the perfect new addition to your home.

What are pink light bulbs for?

Pink light bulbs can be used in exactly the same way as you would use any other light bulb in your home. What’s special about this colour of light is that it gives off a warm glow that flatters all skin tones, improves the look of objects and creates a peaceful ambience in a room.

You can place these types of light in any room of your house, but they’ve also become a popular choice for photographers and estate agents who are trying to make their subject's photograph better.

You can buy pink bulbs in both incandescent and LED options, and you can also find some that are dimmable.

Can you get pink light bulbs?

Yes, BLT Direct sells light bulbs that give off a pink light through using a pink finish with a warm white colour temperature, this is the most efficient and cost-effective way to produce a pink glow without using a specialised chip.

What are the different types of pink light bulbs?

Some of the more popular types of pink lighting include the XXL LED Dimmable range from Calex that exemplify grandeur by producing a beautiful pink light in an indoor space, another great option are the LED Golfball bulbs from Prolite or the GLS Filament bulbs from Crompton, these bulbs are a practical and popular choice for lighting up bars, restaurants or other commercial areas. The tried and tested old style lamps using incandescent technology are still available, with a range of GLS, Golfball and Pygmy lamps in various wattages and caps, incandescent bulbs are still a great choice for creating pink illumination. More outlandish types of pink light bulbs exist too, such as the Prolite LED Funky Filament pink lamp, a great choice for adding something different to a space (especially outdoor areas).

Outside of light bulbs, many different types of pink lighting are available too, such as the Pink LED Slimline Floodlights that come in 10W, 30W and 50W options (equivalent to 80W, 240W and 400W), which are suitable for outdoor applications are also a great option or the 10m LED Neon Flex Pink light in 8W per metre which is perfect for indoor use such as under cabinets or for outdoor applications.

In conclusion, there are many different types of pink light bulbs available, ensuring you should find the exact bulb to match your needs.

Do pink light bulbs attract bugs?

There is a common misconception that coloured lighting can attract bugs, which is actually not true. In fact, pink, yellow and orange lights are the least attractive to most insects.

You will often see greenhouses use pink lights, this is because they’re a mixture of red and blue colours that plants love to absorb. This lighting colour promotes healthy growth in plants, even when they’re not getting enough sunlight.

What wavelength is pink light?

There’s actually no specific wavelength of light that looks pink. According to Henry Reich of minutephysics, pink is a combination of red and blue wavelengths that are not visible to our eyes (similar to how ultraviolet or microwaves are not visible to our eyes). As a result, our brains fill in this red and blue wavelength gap with an estimation on what the colour should look like, resulting in the colour pink. So whilst we can see the colour pink, its wavelength doesn’t actually exist.

Where can you use pink lights in your home?

You can use pink light bulbs anywhere in your house you want to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere – or anywhere you want to get creative and try a completely unique lighting colour.

Whether you have a living room, bathroom, kitchen or patio where you’re looking to add some light, a pink light bulb will always do the job. BLT Direct also offer pink floodlighting to create a fun ambience for your next party or gathering, or use it as decoration in the other rooms in your house.

The unique colour of these bulbs makes pink lights a dream for anyone with a passion for interior design. The bright hue adds a non-traditional touch to your house, so whether you want to use pink lights to add a new layer of design to your home, or to complement any existing lighting you have (as long as you’ve got the correct light fittings), it’s definitely a chance to get creative.

If you want to use your pink LED bulbs outside of your home for outdoor applications, we recommend you fit in a bulb in a durable and weatherproof light fitting such as an IP65 rated Wall Light. This ensures your lights are long-lasting wherever you choose to place them.

How to choose a pink LED light bulb?

When it comes to choosing a pink light lamp for your home, it really depends on your own personal style and the purpose of the bulb.

If you want something that’s going to light up your entire patio or outside area, our floodlights are your best option. However, if you want to add an interesting touch to a room, we think our LED Neon Flex strips or Calex LED Dimmable Light Bulbs will be the perfect addition.

At BLT Direct, our light bulbs are high quality and extremely durable so whatever model you end up choosing, you know you’re going to have a product that lasts years. Simply browse our collection of pink light bulbs online today and find what’s best for your space – we have a wide range of different lighting solutions that should fit any of your needs.

Where is the best place to buy pink LED light bulbs online?

We think you’re making a great choice by browsing pink light bulbs online at BLT Direct. Whether you’re looking to replace existing fittings or looking to try something completely new, you’ve come to the right place!

We offer a range of pink light bulbs that will instantly bring a fresh look to your indoor or outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to get creative, or simply need some fun lighting for an event or party you’re planning, BLT Direct is the ultimate destination for all of your lighting needs.

Check out our collection of pink LED light bulbs today and find the right lighting solution for you.