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Replacement LED Drivers

If you are looking for a replacement LED driver then look no further than the range here at BLT Direct. With a selection of LED drivers that are perfect for any LED system in a array of IP ratings, voltages and brands, we can be sure that you will find any driver that you require. To ensure you find the correct replacement LED driver then it is best to make sure that the input voltage, output voltage and milliamp rating match with your previous LED driver. All of these specifications can be found on every one of LED drivers, making things easier for you.

Are LED drivers interchangeable?

LED drivers are not interchangeable in a broad sense as you cannot simply replace your old LED driver with any new one. This is because some LED drivers have different output voltages and have to be used in different LED systems. You can replace your old LED driver with a new one provided it has the same input voltage, output voltage and milliamps, all these specifications can be found on our website for each driver. You should always check these specifications before installing a new driver to avoid damaging your bulbs. 

How do you replace an LED driver?

You can replace your LED driver by ensuring your input and output voltage is the same on both he new and the old LED driver. This means if your LED system uses a 12v driver you need to replace it with a 12v driver to keep your lighting safe and working seamlessly. Although it is not against the law to install your own LED drivers, we recommend using a qualified electrician to be certain that your lighti8ng is wired correctly and safely.

How do I know if a LED driver is bad?

The main clue that your LED driver may need replacing is flickering LED bulbs or bulbs not lighting up at all. This is typically due to a voltage drop as the LED driver cannot regulate the current and get enough power to the LED light bulbs to light them up. If your bulbs do not light up at all, it may be a sign that your LED driver has allowed to much power through and damaged your bulbs, but it is best to replace the driver first as this is the fastest and most economical way to diagnose if the lights or the driver is the issue. If you have any questions about replacing your LED driver then please get in contact with us via our website or on 01473 716418.