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SON T Agro (Plant Growing)

Detailed below is a range of SON-T Agro high pressure sodium lamps, one of the most efficient and effective light sources available to indoor gardeners today. Featuring a luminous spectrum of red, orange and blue colours these lamps mimic the light spectrum from the sun that is essential for healthy and productive plant growth.

Specifically designed for Hydroponic Systems and Horticultural applications and Plant Irradiation these lamps optimise plant development and quality with good leaf and bloom colour and extra branching.
These tubular lamps feature a Giant Edison Screw Base that is simple to fit, a 40mm diameter and a rating of 250W, 400W or 600 Watts. These high efficiency lamps feature very low energy consumption and an impressive 28,000 hour lamp life. Please note; it is important to choose a ballast with the same wattage as your lamp.