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Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

Outdoor heating is a necessity when it comes to a whole host of commercial and domestic outside spaces. Locations such as pubs, bars, restaurants and many other public areas require heating for the long winter months and even for the cooler spring and autumnal evenings. In this section there is a whole host of wall mounted heaters with a variety of finishes such as black, silver, white and more. The customization does not stop there, with offerings from 1kW up to 4.8kW there are plenty of outputs to choose from, as well as control methods such as remote or wifi controlled products. If you are unable to locate the correct product, please contact our sales team on 01473 716 418 who will be more than happy to assist you.

What are the best wall mounted patio heaters?

With outdoor heating becoming more and more popular, it important to know what the best wall mounted heater is to ensure you get quality and consistent heat every time you invite your friends round or every time you have customers in outdoor areas. Fortunately at BLT Direct we stock a diverse range of wall mounted patio heaters, in many colours, sizes and coverages, all from first class brands. The best wall patio heater is the one that fits your needs the best, which is why we have outdoor wall heaters that are for both small spaces or more expansive areas. We encourage you to check the product specifications under each heater to ensure you get the correct heater for your situation.

Are wall mounted patio heaters good?

Wall mounted patio heaters are some of the most popular methods of heating outdoor areas, this is because they take up less space as they are typically above head height. They are also more stable than a free standing heater as they are attached to the wall and cannot be knocked or blown over, this is especially useful in outdoor areas like pubs to avoid drunken accidents. 

Are wall mounted patio heaters waterproof?

All of our wall mounted outdoor heaters are rated IP65, this is to ensure that they as weatherproof as possible and they are sealed from foreign elements like dirt, dust and water that may impact long term performance. Although they are not fully waterproof, they can be mounted on walls and so can easily be kept under covers in outdoor seating areas. If you are unsure of IP Ratings or if your heater will withstand rain then please get in contact with us on 01473 716418.