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B22 LED GLS Bulbs

B22 LED bulbs are some of the most common bulbs used in both domestic and business settings. This is why at BLT Direct we stock a wide range of B22 LED GLS light bulbs, in various colour temperatures and in both dimmable and non-dimmable so we are certain to have any bulb you may require. We stock B22 bulbs from multiple respected manufacturers across the world to make sure that every light bulb you purchase is not just high quality but also long lasting and durable. With lifespans up to 25,000 hours it's no wonder that people are rushing to BLT Direct to source there B22 LED GLS bulbs.

What is a B22 GLS bulb?

A B22 LED GLS bulb is simply a standard shaped bulb with a bayonet cap base that has a diameter of 22mm. BC GLS bulbs are used very often as many of the light fixtures in homes, workplaces and outside spaces have this cap base fitting. Before you order you are encouraged to check the cap base of the bulb that you will need for the fitting that you have, this fitting is typically a table lamp, ceiling light or an outside light. 

Is B22 standard bayonet fitting?

B22 is one of the two most widely used cap bases for light bulbs, the other being E27. This makes it perfect for those who are looking to conserve there money as this GLS BC bulb can be reused in many types of fitting, provided the fitting is of the same type, which is quite common. In fact B22 is often referred to as the standard bayonet cap base because it is so often used.