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Bell Lighting

British Electrical Lamps Limited, or better known as ‘BELL Lighting’, provides an innovative, cost-effective solution to lighting homes or offices when also looking to reduce environmental impact due to their brilliant energy saving qualities. BELL Lighting is a recognised and respected manufacturer of light bulbs and light fittings operating for over 100 years providing quality and reliable lighting solutions.

When it comes to your lighting, you are faced with a variety of different choices and requirements to provide light in the needed area, at BLT Direct, we stock a wide range of BELL Lighting products including BELL energy saving bulbs, LED bulbs, incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps and strip light. This ensures we can supply you with the high quality BELL Lighting products, needed to meet your demands.

BELL Lighting’s range of LED light bulbs offer an impressive variety of shapes, styles and colours, this makes them the ideal replacement for less energy efficient incandescent or halogen light sources with up to 30,000 hours of lamp life. When looking for versatility for security lights outdoors, high-lumen outputs of 600W Skyline Elite+ Asymmetric LED Floodlights are guaranteed to do the job, while communal settings such as university halls or hotels would benefit from the BELL Multi LED Butterfly option in spaces where it can be difficult to see.

Don’t worry about finding the right lamp shape in keeping with your home or office décor, with GLS, Candle, Globe, Striplight and Golfball designs able to adapt to even the quirkiest of interior design styles.

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Where are Bell bulbs made?

BELL Lighting operates in their national distribution centre and laboratory, based in Normanton, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, this is where their reputable and highly praised bulbs are made. BELL Lighting bulbs are created under intense scrutiny and attention to detail, to ensure all bulbs meet BELL’s high standard for lighting products. The testing that goes into these lamps include thermal testing to ensure that the lamp is not overheating, dimmable lamps have their dimmer compatibility tested and testing for light output using a photometric data sphere that measures power output, power consumption, colour temperature and lumens.

Are Bell light bulbs good?

BELL Lighting prides themselves on their high quality, top of the range lighting products that they have been producing since the 1920s. Having built a strong reputation and brand over the decades, it is safe to say that BELL Lighting light bulbs are of very good quality. To ensure that their pristine quality is met with each manufactured light bulb, each product is put through a rigorous quality control test to ensure the products meet the high standards required for their brand. BELL Lighting offers Incandescent, Energy Saving and LED light bulbs, however, they offer more than just light bulbs. Some other high quality products offered by BELL Lighting include:

  • G9 Halogen Adaptors
  • Incandescent Striplights
  • LED Battens
  • LED Downlights
  • LED Floodlights
  • LED Tubes
  • LED Wall Lights

Who owns Bell Lighting?

Currently, BELL Lighting is owned by BELL Group, a conglomerate with operations in many sectors. Despite the known brand of BELL lighting, this lighting company has small beginnings compared to their current operation size. Starting all the way back in the 1920s, BELL Lighting was founded by Mr. E. R. Grote, establishing a factory in Wimbledon, London. This factory specialised in manufacturing unique incandescent decorative light sources in the hopes to fill a gap in the market. This was halted during World War 2 and the factory was converted to aid the war effort by producing components for the military. During the 60s-80s, the company saw exponential growth, resulting in them relocating to a much larger factory in Normanton, West Yorkshire, where they are still based today. BELL Lighting continues to grow their operations to ensure better and more high quality lighting products, recently they have introduced a new on site laboratory and quality control facility as well as dedicated conference facilities to highlight and showcase the quality of their lighting products.