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E27 LED Globe Bulbs

Are you looking for quality E27 LED globe bulbs? If so, we can help. At BLT Direct, we provide E27 LED globes for prices that won’t break the bank. Lasting many years and thousands of hours, these innovative lighting solutions can help you reduce your fuel bills and avoid energy waste, allowing you to make a fantastic contribution to the world around you. For more information about E27 LED globes and how they can benefit you, read on or give us a call for more expert advice.

What is an E27 LED globe?

The ‘E27’ part of ‘E27 LED globe’ refers to a kind of socket a light bulb can be screwed into, in this case, a 27 millimetre diameter socket. Although the base is the same for all E27 products, the bulbs can be different shapes, sizes and colours. E27 globe bulbs are often seen in commercial environments like bars, hotels and restaurants but can also be installed in homes. 

What is the brightest E27 LED Globe Bulb?

If you require a particularly bright E27 LED globe, we can come to your assistance. Some of the LED globes that we stock have ratings of thousands of lumens so we're confident that we can provide the right E27 LED light for you even if you need lighting for a particularly large space. You’re likely to find something suitable in our catalogue whether you’re on a tight budget or have more to spend.

Get in touch today if you need more information about our LED globes including E27 LED globe bulbs in opal white. You can reach us today by completing the form on our site or by giving us a call on 01473 71641.