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LED Profile

Our Aluminium LED Strip profile also sometimes known as LED Channel is designed to be used with LED strip of all kinds with a huge number of different styles, shapes, lengths and finishes available. LED Strip profile has a channel in which the LED strip is laid into, providing security and enabling the strip to be implemented on ceilings, walls and under cabinets. With profile on offer that is able to be plastered in to the walls or ceilings you can maintain a smooth surface while having amazing modern LED strip in numerous colours and lengths. We also have corner and surface mounted aluminium LED Strip profile that sits on top on a wall or under a cabinet, this means that LED strip can be easily changed. Why not browse our extensive range below?
To see more about which Covers/Diffusers or End Caps and Brackets you may need for any profile, simply add your chosen profile to the basket!

1 Metre Complete Kits 2 Metre Complete Kits Plaster In Profile Corner Profile Surface Mounted Profile Recessed Profile Architectural Profile Waterproof Profile Bendable Profile Covers Accessories

Do I need an LED profile?

Whether you need an LED profile depends on your specific requirements and preferences. LED profiles, or channels, offer several benefits:

1. Protection: LED profiles provide a protective casing for LED strips, shielding them from physical damage, dust, and other potential hazards.

2. Aesthetics: The aluminum casing of LED profiles can enhance the visual appeal of your LED lighting setup. They can provide a sleek and finished look, especially when used with diffusers to create a more even and diffused light.

3. Installation: LED profiles make installation easier and more versatile. They allow you to mount LED strips in various locations, such as under cabinets, recessed into walls, or integrated into skirting boards.

4. Heat Dissipation: Some LED profiles are designed to assist in heat dissipation, which can contribute to the longevity and performance of the LED strips.

5. Customization: LED profiles come in different shapes and sizes, allowing for customization to fit your specific lighting needs and design preferences.

If you prioritize these benefits and want a more polished and protected LED lighting installation, then investing in an LED profile may be a good choice. However, for simpler applications or if you're not concerned about the factors mentioned above, you may choose to install LED strips without a profile. It ultimately depends on your goals for the lighting setup and the aesthetic you want to achieve.

How do I install an LED profile?

There are multiple options to install your LED profile, with double sided tape, mounting brackets and screw in options available. All of these accessories can be found ion our accessories page, and can offer reliable and simple ways to install your LED profile no matter what style or how long it is. Our double sided tape is often used for people in temporary housing or renting as it doesn't leave a permanent mark like screwing something into the ceiling or wall would. 

Can LED profile Be Used Outdoors?

Some of our LED profile can be used outside to add a flash of colour or the finishing touches to a garden project. We have waterproof options available for those who want to provide beautiful, stylish lighting in outdoors areas such as outdoor bars, tables and seating areas. With multiple installation methods available it's no wonder that outdoor LED strip lighting and LED strip profile is becoming more and more popular. 

In what finishes are LED profiles available?

LED profiles are available in various finishes, including but not limited to brushed aluminum, matte black, polished chrome, antique brass, and white. The choice of finish allows you to select the one that best complements your aesthetic preferences and seamlessly integrates with your lighting installation.