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Patio Heaters

A superior range of infrared patio heaters that can be either ceiling suspended or wall/stand mounted. These high performance stylish heater units come in 3 colours (silver, white & black), and a wide range of wattages to suit all application uses. The infrared heaters will emit invisible waves that will heat up objects directly in its pathway, whilst being much more efficient than alternative patio heaters. Within this range are also a unique, innovative range of bluetooth enabled heaters, that can be controlled directly via a tablet/mobile phone application.

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Are electric or gas patio heaters better?

Electric patio heaters are generally considered the better of the two as they on average use less energy and are more energy efficient in comparison to gas heaters. This is because they generate more heat per size and also generate less noise. Gas patio heaters are also not as eco-friendly as electric patio heaters as they have increased carbon emissions. However we stock both gas and electric garden heaters so you are certain to find the perfect outdoor heater for your situation, both big or small. 

Are gas patio heaters waterproof?

While our heaters are not completely waterproof they are water and rain resistant and are weather proof. If you want to check how effective your heater would be against foreign elements like rain, dust or dirt then check the IP Rating specification of each product.  A IP65 heater would be the best protection you can get for an outdoors heater. If you are worried about rain or weather effecting your patio heater then you should pick up our patio heater covers to best protect your heater.

What is the most effective patio heater?

At BLT Direct we have a huge range of patio heaters that are all high quality and are sourced from the most trusted and reliable suppliers. Our patio heaters come in a large range of sizes and coverages for both small domestic settings or larger commercial events. From just 1.5m2 to a whopping 9m2, we are sure to have what you are looking for. 

Which is cheaper to run gas or electric patio heaters?

Electric patio heaters are far cheaper to run as they use much less energy to produce heat and are more eco-friendly.