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100w LED Flood Lights

If you require superbright 100w LED flood lights from a supplier you can trust, take a look at BLT Direct. At BLT Direct, we stock 100w flood lights from a range of top manufacturers. These lights are ideal for those that need to brighten up larger areas including generously-sized gardens. You’ll find some of the most competitive prices for 100w LED flood lights on the market here. If you’re wondering how bright a 100 watt flood light is and what kind of lights it is comparable to, we can help. Read on to learn more about these increasingly popular LED flood lights.

How bright are 100w LED flood lights?

A 100 watt LED flood light is comparable to around 650w of halogen light. These lights are ideal for bigger gardens as well as commercial environments like sports pitches, car parks, depots, warehouses and so on. A key benefit of installing a 100w led security light is that it won’t produce anywhere as much heat as a similarly bright light, which means it won’t cause vast discomfort. These lights are used in various indoor environments as well as outdoor ones and have become particularly popular with retailers, art galleries, museums, and so on.

What is the brightest LED flood light?

If you need something even brighter than 100w flood lights, help is available. It’s not uncommon for people to require LED floodlights offering as much as 250w of power or even more. Despite the incredible brightness on offer from these lights, they can still be up to 90% cheaper to run than less energy-efficient equivalents. It’s helpful to remember that the larger the space, the more lumens you will need. Some of our 100w security light floods will provide around 13,000 lumens.

Get in touch today if you need help with identifying the right 100w led flood lights. We are passionate about ensuring you get the best flood lights for your needs and budget. Reach us today by completing the form on the site or by giving us a call on 01473 793210.