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Control Gear

This is our complete and comprehensive range of electrical ballasts and electronic transformers for starting and regulating linear and compact fluorescent lamps, halogen and HID metal halide, mercury and sodium lamps. As well as this, we have a comprehensive range of LED drivers, designed to reduce the voltage of a circuit and protect low voltage LED bulbs.

Electronic transformers and LED drivers perform several functions; limiting and stabilising the current in an electrical circuit, ensuring continuous operation of the lamp, providing ignition voltage, reducing/eliminating flicker and noise, reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency.

Our product range includes 12-24v LED drivers, electronic transformers, and an expansive collection of ballasts, categorised by brand or type. 

We can also supply Pre-Wired Gear Trays and can make up Gear Trays tailored to suit your bespoke requirements.

We have categorised our extensive control gear catalogue primarily according to market-leading brands; within each section is a detailed choice of products with individual specifications to aid you in your selection. In addition, we have dedicated sections to LED Drivers, Gear Trays, electrical ballasts and Accessories. BLT Direct can supply you with every type of control gear you need, as well as the mundane but necessary end caps for fluorescent tubes, cable and mounting clips!

What is the difference between an LED Driver and Electronic transformer?

Although they have the same function, LED Drivers and Electronic transformers have slight differences that may impact which one you need and how they act within a circuit. While both are designed to take a higher voltage and reduce it, for example, 240v to 24v, they differ on the current used in the output. 

Transformers are a simple double wound device, which means it takes an AC input and provides an AC output at a lower voltage. LED Drivers are a more sophisticated system and regulate current with a DC output. Electronic transformers will only be used in combination with a halogen or CFL bulb, whereas an LED Driver is used only for LED bulbs. 

What are the different types of Electronic Transformers?

Transformers can be split into multiple groups. Below you will find each group with a description of what they are and how they work.

Capacitor: Capacitors are designed to do two things within a lighting circuit, firstly they improve the power factor of a lamp. A power factor is a ratio between the working power and how much energy is consumed by a lamp. Secondly, they reduce the flickering of a fluorescent bulb.

Ignitor: An ignitor is a starting component that generates voltage pulses to start a lamp.

High-frequency Ballast: A high-frequency ballast is similar to a traditional ballast but instead operates at an increased frequency. This prevents any light flickering and improves start up time. 

Magnetic Ballasts: One of the first types of ballasts, these low-cost ballasts operate at a low frequency so may cause flickering and increased degradation. 

How do I choose an LED driver?

When picking an LED Driver it is important that you know the combined wattage of the light fitting you are going to use with it. For example, if you are using 5m of LED strip and it is 5w per metre, then you should get a driver that is over 25w, 30w is suitable. This is to protect the circuit and to make sure that your driver can handle the wattage of the lighting system, even with slight excess.