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110V LED Flood Lights

BLT Direct is a leading source for highly durable, dustproof and waterproof 110v led flood lights. These lights are perfect for environments in need of crisp, bright light. These lights are also noted for their simple installation and are suited to internal and external spaces. They have become particularly popular in environments like factories and construction sites where high light levels are required. At BLT Direct, we offer 110v lights from some of the most trusted and reputable manufacturers around. Read on to find out more about what makes 110v flood lights such a popular choice for commercial environments.

Are 110v flood lights suitable for use on construction sites?

Yes. Construction sites are amongst the environments where 110v led flood lights are most commonly used. These lights can provide the visibility that’s needed to prevent accidents and injuries and can be used to heighten productivity.

Can you only buy 110 volt site lights in yellow?

Many 110 volt led flood lights have yellow frames as this is a popular colour for construction site equipment. However, some lights are available with grey frames. In terms of the colours actually emitted from 110 volt site lights, the main colours include daylight and cool white. We can supply you with 110 volt flood lights with lumen ratings up to a stunning 16000, though you can obtain a light that emits as little as 2850 lumens if you wish. These lights are designed to dramatically cut the cost of lighting your construction site and keeping your worker safe. Get all the illumination you need with our ultra-powerful 110 volt site lights.

Talk to us today if you need to find out more about any of our 110v outdoor LED flood lights before you go ahead and make a purchase. You can reach us by completing the form on our website. Alternatively, give us a call on our hotline 01473 716418 to get the details you need. Our expert advisors know our catalogue inside out. They will listen closely to what you have to say before making suggestions that match your needs perfectly.