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24 Volt LED Strip Lights

We stock a wide range of 24V LED Strip Lights and 24V LED Tape which is perfect for adding a touch of colour to a room at home or creating atmosphere at a commercial venue ready for a celebration or promotional reveal. LED strip lights are easy to set up with accompanying low-voltage DC power and are considered to be a modern and flexible way to light spaces, particularly when ran through aluminium channels for the ultimate effect.

Are 24V led strips brighter than 12V?

There is no reason why a 24v LED strip would be brighter than a 12v LED strip, this is because the level of brightness that a light produces is determined by its's lumen output not its voltage. We have low and high lumen output LED strip in both 12v and 24v so there is options for any application or circuit. If you require accented or effect lighting then a low lumen output strip would be recommended. However if you would like top have the option of both bright and low level lighting then we have 24v dimmable LED strip available. Brightness also depends on the colour the the strip, but with RGB LED strip available, you can decide how bright and what colour your LEDs are. 

Is 24V better than 12V?

There is no real difference between running a 12v or 24v LED strip circuit, apart from needing the respective voltage LED driver for each circuit. The only benefit that 24v LED strip has is that if you are using a long length of strip for a bigger lighting project then a 24v LED strip will have less chance of a voltage drop due to a higher current running through it.

24V Strip Lights

24V strip lights are unlike LED bulbs in the sense that they can be dimmed when paired with a phase-cut wall-dimmer for residential or commercial use and can be great for settings that switch seamlessly between day or night, allowing people to set the right mood in a bar, restaurant, or hotel for example. 

Our high-quality 24V LED Strip Lights are available in various metre lengths, while you can also choose strip lights that can be used indoors and outside. We also stock all the kit you need when it comes to setting them up, including wired RGB connectors, full connector kits and dimmer controls. 

Available in an array of colours from Warm White, Cool White, Ultra Violet and even colour changing options for total variety, you can also pick from differing IP ratings, meaning you can use your strip lights in swimming pools, steamy bathrooms and much more.

24V LED Tape

From submersible 24V LED Tape to 24V LED Tape Lights that are double-sided for ease of mounting wherever you need them, you can choose from a range of strip options when it comes to 24V strip lights capable of running longer lengths of LED  in comparison to their 12V counterparts. 

24V LED Tape Lights can be bought in lengths ranging from 500mm to 50000mm depending on where they are going to be used. You can also filter by how many LEDs you would like per tape metre, as well as your desired colour temperature, light colour, and depth. 

No matter what you want from LED strip lights, we’re such to have it here at BLT Direct.