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3ft LED Tube Lights

At BLT Direct, we’re waiting to hear from you if you require 3ft LED tube lights. More and more people are heading straight to our site when they need replacements for traditional fluorescent tubes. Our LED tubes can help you save money, cutting your lighting costs and allowing you to make a better contribution to the environment too. What’s more is that these tubes don’t get anywhere near as hot as their more traditional counterparts, which makes them much safer. We can come to your assistance whether you need long-lasting 3ft LED tubes and 3ft tube lights for a commercial or domestic environment. Why not browse our catalogue today?

Please note that shatter proofing is available upon request and may be subject to additional cost, please contact sales for a quote.

Do I need to remove ballast for LED lights?

The majority of brands of 3ft LED tube lights are direct retrofits, meaning that they can be installed into your pre existing fluorescent fittings (please note this is subject to brand, which must be checked before installing). It is important to note that if the ballast is left in the fitting, it will reduce the efficiency of the 3ft LED lights, although it is still saving energy vs a fluorescent tube, it is always best to convert the fittings so that the 3ft LED tube light is wired directly to mains for maximum efficiency.

What are the different colours available of the 3ft LED Tubes?

The light output of the 3ft LED tube does often change where it is used, and as a general guide for the light colours most individuals use the brighter whites such as cool white and daylight for locations that require good visual clarity and colours such as kitchens, hallways, studies etc. The warm tones, such as very warm white, warm white and regular white are a great option for those who need a light that is more suitable for locations such as living areas, dining rooms, bedrooms, table lamps etc. The 3ft LED tube lights offered by Crompton are made from glass, which can also be shatter-proofed upon request. This can be done by contacting our sales team.