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4ft LED Tube Lights

Help is at hand if you require quality 4ft LED tube lights. These tubes are ideal for those seeking to replace traditional fluorescent tubes, which can be incredibly expensive to run. Our 4ft LED tubes will help you reduce your lighting costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Ideal for commercial and residential environments, our tubes are amongst the most competitively priced on the market. What’s more is that we only stock lighting solutions from the industry’s most trusted and reputable brands. Why not explore our range of long-lasting 4ft LED tube lights including 4ft T8 LED tubes today? Get the value and excellence you need right here.

Please note that shatter proofing is available upon request and may be subject to additional cost, please contact sales for a quote.

How do I convert a 4 foot fluorescent bulb to LED?

This can vary depending on the brand of 4ft LED light that you have purchased, it is recommended that you contact an electrician who can check the installation guide to see if it is live-neutral one end or live one end and neutral the other. The majority of modern brands of 4ft LED tube lights can actually be directly installed into a fluorescent fitting with no need for rewiring, however this will slightly reduce the overall efficiency vs a totally rewired fitting, but will still be much more efficient than a fluorescent light.

What are the specialist outputs for 4ft LED Tubes?

Aside from the regular output colours for general house use, 4ft LED fluorescent tubes also come in specialized colours designed for commercial applications. These have been manufactured by V-Tac, and have options such as Yellow for bread and bakery displays (this helps the colour of pastry and bread "pop" more), there are Green 4ft LED fluorescent tubes for vegetable displays and finally a Purple colour LED tube, which is great for plant displays. These lights offer additional choice for creating contrasts or amplifying colours making them more appealing. Regular colours such as warm white, cool white or daylight can also do this, but are primarily designed for regular room lighting in commercial and domestic spaces.