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LED Panels 600x600mm

600 x 600 LED panels are amongst the most popular types of panel lights available today. LED panels are much brighter and cheaper to run than traditional fluorescent lights and are used in a wide range of commercial and residential environments. They can last for up to 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced, which means they are ideal for those seeking long-term lighting solutions. Find out more about 600 x 600 LED panels below. Read on for information on adding LED panels to plasterboard and suspended ceilings, and whether motion and daylight sensors can be used with them.

Can 600 x 600 LED panels be used in plasterboard ceilings?

Yes, you can add 600 x 600 LED panels to plasterboard ceilings via the use of mounts. These mounts come in four parts that can be joined together to make a frame. One side of the frame is left open so the LED panel 600x600 can easily slide in.

Can 600 x 600 LED panels be used in suspended ceilings?

Yes. 600 x 600 LED panels can be used in suspended ceilings. In fact, this is the most popular size of LED panel for suspended ceiling installations. The panels can directly replace 600 x 600 four-tube fluorescent modular fittings yet can cut running costs by more than half.

Can you use motion and daylight sensors with LED panels?

LED lights can work with motion and daylight sensors. Many people use sensors to ensure lighting is only activated when it is needed, to cut running costs. This means lights can be dimmed during the daytime until extra lighting is required. Motion sensors are also ideal for the security-conscious, ensuring light is shone whenever movement occurs.

Can you use emergency kits with 600 x 600 LED panels?

You can use emergency kits with 600mm LED panels to maintain visibility in the event of a power failure. Emergency kits can provide several hours of 600mm LED panel light whilst you’re waiting for electrical problems to be resolved, keeping you safe and allowing productivity to continue.

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