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6ft LED Tube Lights

If you require large long-lasting 6ft LED tube lights to brighten up your space fantastically, BLT Direct can cater for you. These vast tubes are the ideal replacements for older fluorescent tubes, which can be very expensive to run and get incredibly hot. If you need any help and advice before you go ahead and make a purchase, feel free to get in touch. Our expert customer service advisors know our catalogue inside out and can help you identify products that will serve you well for years. Browse our range of 6ft LED tubes including 6ft T8 led tubes today.

Please note that shatter proofing is available upon request and may be subject to additional cost, please contact sales for a quote.

Should I replace fluorescent with LED?

There are many benefits to switching to LED lighting from fluorescent that may not always be immediately obvious. Older fluorescent lighting, over time, begins to lose brightness and can dip pretty severely. When you change your old light over to LED, even after long time periods they generally don't lose much brightness, so not only do you have a longer lasting product, but something that will maintain good levels of usable light. Of course there will be plenty of energy savings, for example a 6ft LED tube lights use between 26W-30W depending on the brand, which is an impressive saving vs the 70W fluorescent alternative. There is also the issues of heat, for example in spaces where the lighting is close to a desk or work space, fluorescent tubes may be throwing off a lot of heat making it uncomfortable for the workers there, whereas LED will be much cooler.

What do the different brands of 6ft LED Tubes offer?

The 6ft LED tube lights on offer from Tungsram, Crompton and Venture offer not only choice of colour temperature but also build. It is very important to pay attention to both the visual requirements as well as the materials that a product is made from. If the light is to be installed in a food prep area, it may need to be either polycarbonate or a glass tube that has been shatter-proofed. If the location is some kind of spraying facility for instance, which has a hot atmosphere, then polycarbonate tubes may sag over time due to heating, so going for a full glass rigid body such as a Crompton tube would be a better fit.