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Are LEDs Safe?

Photo by Cássio Batista / Unsplash

The introduction of LED Light Bulbs has heralded a number of concerns regarding the safety levels of LEDs. The consumer market has been naturally apprehensive of the new technology associated with LED Light Bulbs. Used correctly, you should be able to benefit from LED Light Bulbs in safety whilst enjoying the benefits of this new technology.

Those who remain cautious of LED bulbs should take care to install them at a height and location which is out of eye level, so that the likelihood of looking into the LED Lighting source is significantly reduced, thus lessening the risk of blue light hazard.
Broken LED Light Bulbs should be treated with care, as hazardous waste products. If an LED Light Bulb becomes broken, it is good practice to sweep up the shattered pieces using gloves to dispose of the broken bulb appropriately.