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Bayonet Vintage Light Bulbs

Bayonet vintage bulbs combine a classic, traditional style with a universally used cap base. Utilising a clip-in bayonet cap base, these vintage bulbs are more secure than Edison screw bulbs and have a diverse range of applications. Our comprehensive collection of bayonet vintage bulbs are often used in ornamental or decorative settings, designed to draw attention and add interest and character to a room. The warm white colour temperature produced by these bulbs pays homage to the original Edison bulbs and creates a soft, welcoming atmosphere. Browse our selection below to find unique, conspicuous lighting designs that are sure to turn heads.

What's the difference between Bayonet Cap and Edison Screw?

Bayonet and Edison Screw are two different types of cap bases for light bulbs. Edison screw caps are threaded screw-in light bulbs and can be found as E14 (14mm), E27 (27mm), or E40 (40mm) and were the first light bulb base when light bulbs were invented. Bayonet cap bulbs come in two variations, SBC (15mm) and BC (22mm), and use two prongs that interlock with a light fitting, securing the bulb in place. This makes them more vibration resistant compared to Edison screw bulbs which can become loose once shaken. 

What fittings can bayonet cap vintage bulbs be used in?

Bayonet cap bulbs can only be installed into a fitting with a bayonet cap socket. However, bayonet cap bulbs have two sizes, small (14mm diameter) and standard (22mm diameter), so it's important to check which bulb you require to match your fitting. Because vintage bulbs are designed for decoration, they are often used with pendants or lamp holders, allowing them to be seen from any angle.