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Bedroom LED Strip Lights

Here at BLT Direct we understand that bedrooms are a private and personal space. That's why we're offering a way to personalise your bedroom and create an environment that is comfortable for you. Using our LED strip, you can reinvent your room, whether you want a cosy warm white ambience or multi-coloured lighting suitable for any mood, BLT Direct's range covers every need. We stock a range of lengths, colours and light density LED strip. Why not check out our range today?

What is the best LED strip for bedrooms?

If your looking for appropriate bedroom lighting, then look no further than BLT Direct's IP20 range. Bedrooms are a low risk area for water damage and this makes these perfect for a person trying to brighten their room with IP20 LED Strip. BLT Direct stock a huge range of strip lighting, from remote controlled RGB lighting to warm, cool and daylight white LED Strip, we are sure that we have what is best for your bedroom. Reflect your mood or pick your favourite colour with our LED colour changing strip which can give you a different feel every time you step into your bedroom. 

Where should LED strips be installed in bedrooms?

Not only is LED strip suitable for bedrooms, it's become one of the most popular choices or bedroom lighting. Increasing numbers of people are turning to BLT Direct to provide them with lighting that is bendable and able to be fit in a variety of situations in the bedroom. Many people put our strip on the wall behind their bed as the hidden light refracts and creates a more three-dimensional feel.  People also have applied LED strip across the ceiling to get a bright and consistent full room light, or you can be more subtle and sneak a warm white strip under the edge of your bed to create a more cosy or romantic feel. The possibilities are endless with our range of LED strip, there is something for everyone. 

Can LED strip be the primary source of light in a bedroom?

Generally LED strip lighting is not used as the primary source of lighting in a bedroom, this is because although it is bright, the lighting is narrow, meaning you would need a large amount of strip to provide adequate light. Although it may not be practical or economically viable to light a whole room with LED strip, it works perfectly as a secondary light source for your room. It has easy application and is able to be manipulated to fit the design of your room, and because of the diversity of colours available it looks great as mood lighting. If you just need a small boost to your room or you want to make your space more personal and modern strip lighting is right for you. 

Contact BLT Direct

If you have any problem with LED strip lighting or just need advice on what is best for your space, reach out to us on 01473 716418 or fill in the form on our website. Our expert team will be happy to assist you and make sure you get the best product for you.