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Brick Lights

A range of stylish, high quality Brick Lighting from respected brands such as Eterna, Knightsbridge and MiniSun. Brick lighting has been around for a while now, originally illuminated with incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent technology. Recently, the trend of brick lighting has incorporated LED technology, which allows your trendy brick light to last for years on with no maintenance costs. While the sizes of brick lighting were previously limited, brick lights are now available in a variety of lengths, finishes, colour temperatures and wattages and are commonly used in paths, driveways and stairwells as an elegant way to illuminate an environment using minimal space.

Are brick lights LED?

Whilst brick lights were originally available in incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent, they have now been superseded by LED versions, you can find brick lights boasting all the benefits of LED technology such as:

  • Generating no heat
  • Eco-Friendly design
  • Warm White, Cool White and Daylight colour temperature options
  • Lasting 5+ years

At BLT Direct, all brick lights pre-installed with a light fitting use an LED lamp to illuminate the fitting. So you’ll have no fear that you’re using the best and cleanest technology possible. However, you still are able to fit older style lamps into your brick light fitting if you wish to.

What IP rating are brick lights?

Brick lights will always have a minimum Ingress Protection rating of IP44. This is to ensure the brick light fitting is waterproof and can resist the elements of the outdoor environment. However, brick lights are available in higher IP ratings such as IP65 and IP67, where a higher water and dust resistance is required. Our range currently offers the following ingress protection ratings:

  • IP44: offers protection against solid objects and multi-directional water splashes.
  • IP54: offers limited protection against dust and multi-directional water splashes.
  • IP65: offers full protection against dust and multi-directional low pressure jets.
  • IP67: offers full protection against dust and immersion from water between 15 centimetres and 1 metre in depth.

As well as IP ratings, some brick lights are ‘drive over’ rated, meaning they can sustain the weight of cars. The perfect choice for illuminating your driveway.

What are brick lights?

Brick lights, as expected, are specifically designed light fittings to replace bricks in a wall or a path. They offer a unique and aesthetically pleasing finish due to the light fitting effortlessly blending within the wall or pathway. Brick lights now come in different lengths and sizes, allowing you to match the size needed for your brick wall or path. Furthermore, brick lights offer a finish that cannot be replicated by other light fittings, due to the nature of a brick light blending in with its environment flawlessly.

What cable do you use for brick lights?

You should ideally use an steel wire armoured cable when installing brick lights outdoors which provides mechanical protection to the cable if it is concealed within the fabric of the brick wall or installed in a trench.

How do you install outdoor brick lights?

There are two main methods of installing brick lights, ideally a brick light should be installed as the wall is being built. This way the cables can be laid in the ground and within the fabric of the wall and the boxes fitted as the bricklayers lay the bricks.

The second method is to retrofit brick lights into an existing brick wall, the difficulty here is that the cable must be installed behind the brick wall, if this is possible, a hole must then be drilled through to the face brickwork. A brick light wall box would also have to be chopped into the existing face brickwork and ideally the brick wall should be double skin. This is a very delicate operation sometimes and may require the expertise of an electrician. If not available, it may be best to look at other outdoor light fittings.