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Brick Lights

Brick lighting is a new trend that is fast growing and innovative, giving you a space efficient and stylish way to light up a number of locations including Patios and Seated Garden Areas. We offer a number of designs including Solar Powered, Fresco, Framed and Grilled Brick Lights. Our fully weatherproofed Solar Brick Paverlight are an excellent way to illuminate your garden or driveway, and have been designed to withstand the weight of a car. With all of our brick lights being LED or solar powered, you can be sure that you have an environmentally friendly but also a high quality light fitting.

Are brick lights LED?

All of our brick lights are LED or solar powered, designed to save energy and lower running costs. LED brick lights are a great way to light up a outside area without taking up space and while being energy efficient, and because they are much longer lasting than other outdoors lighting alternatives, they reduce potential replacement costs dramatically. We also have solar brick lights available for those who want a self sufficient light and want to be as eco-friendly as possible. 

What IP rating are brick lights?

All of our brick lights are at least rated IP44 so they are water resistant and are sealed against foreign elements like dust, dirt and sand. Some of our brick lights are IP65 rated and so offer a greater protection and are completely weatherproof, giving you the assurance that the are durable and will last all year round. To add to this our LED brick lights have up to a 30,000 hour lamp life making them reliable and keeping there flawless performance for many years.