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Calex Light Bulbs

Calex has been a specialist in lighting for over 46 years. With Calex lamps, you're assured quality, performance and reliability. We have a selection of Calex bulbs in different cap types, including; GU10, E14, E27, and E40, giving you plenty of options no matter what fitting you have.
If you're looking to replicate old style with modern performance, why not check out our collection of Calex LED vintage bulbs, designed with a classic look but with new technology.
Alternatively, you can move into modern lighting with Calex Smart lighting, a lighting system that is an app, wifi, or home system controlled. This gives you complete control of your light bulbs and fittings at the touch of a button.

Calex LED Variotone Light Bulbs Calex LED Filament Light Bulbs Calex Giant XXL Light Bulbs Calex Vintage Light Bulbs Calex Standard LED Light Bulbs Calex Fabric Cables Calex Smart

How long do Calex bulbs last?

The lamp life of any bulb is dependent on its technology, for example, LED bulbs will last far longer than a traditional incandescent. Calex's LED bulbs have an impressive average lamp life of 15000-25000 hours, making them far longer lasting than incandescent bulbs. This also lowers replacement costs for the consumer over time and saves you money long term. 

What is Calex Smart Home?

Calex Smart Home is a new collection of products from Calex that uses Smart technology to be controllable through an app, wifi or smart system. Calex smart home can link with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, allowing you easy, voice control over all the lights or fittings in your home. With Calex Smart Home, you can turn bulbs on/off, dim bulbs and change their colours, all from your phone or speech.