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Can I swap my Halogen MR16 light bulbs for LED versions?

LED MR16 and LED Driver image

Simple answer, yes. However it will take a bit of research.

MR16s run on low voltage which means they require a transformer. Most transformers installed to work with halogens have a minimum wattage of 25 watts. The LED equivalents are generally between 3-7 watts which means they won't always run on your current set up.

To stay on the side of caution it's best to buy a new LED driver that supports lower wattages. This will then need to be installed with your new LED MR16s. This process involves mains electricity so if you are unsure please speak to an electrician or one of our advisor's on 01473 716418.

Most MR16s are a direct retrofit however the dimensions of some MR16s vary. Below is a chart of popular brands and their dimensions. Make sure that your new bulb will fit within your fitting.




Philips Light Bulbs50mm50mm