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Ceiling Mounted Patio Heaters

Heating outdoor (or sometimes indoor) spaces can cause an inconvenience when it comes to space utilization. This range of hanging patio heaters offers a solution that avoids using existing table space, or having a bulking free standing unit by mounting the heater from existing structures such as walls, overhangs, gazebos and many others. The wide variety of finishes and styles caters for a whole host of different building types and appearances. 

How close can a patio heater be to the ceiling?

Most patio heaters require a clearance of around 300-500mm but there is no regulation on this and so this is a general rule. We recommend that there is enough room for cold air to circulate all around the heater including above it to avoid it heating the ceiling or roof and causing fires or damage. 

Can I mount a ceiling patio heater on a wall?

Some of our ceiling mounted heaters can also be wall mounted and so they have a wider application than a pendant type of outdoor ceiling heater.  Please check the description of each ceiling mounted patio heater to inquire if they can be universally mounted.