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Ceiling Sensors

Ceiling sensors are a great solution for saving money on energy in areas of buildings that see irregular foot traffic.

Can I add a sensor to an existing light?

Ceiling sensors have been designed for both commercial and domestic buildings and are often designed to work with the majority of different types of lighting (provided they fit within the operating power output of the ceiling sensor). They are a great way to save money in areas that have an irregular flow of people or perhaps just for those who forget to turn off lights when they are no longer required.


How do you stop a light sensor from going off?

The majority of modern ceiling senors have different settings in them to control the amount of time that they stay on for, which should be referred to in your manual (often via dip switches on the rear of the unit). However, some units also come with manual overrides allowing for permanent on/off use when required, this is will also need to be checked in your user manual or on the manufacturers website to ensure it has this feature.


What can set off sensor lights?

Both outdoor and indoor ceiling sensors are susceptible to insects crawling over them and setting them off, as well as most forms of movement. Typically indoor ceiling sensors are much less prone to false activation than outdoor sensors.