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Coloured Fluorescent Tubes

A coloured fluorescent tube is a double ended tube lamp with a 2 pin cap/base either end (cap/base is dependent on the tube’s diameter), that comes in a variety of diameters and lengths. These tubes can be found in many different light fittings for many different applications. Coloured fluorescent tubes are powered by exciting mercury vapour with an inert gas at low pressure that uses electricity. A short-wave ultraviolet light is then produced by the excited mercury vapour causing a phosphor coating to fluoresce, resulting in the light you see in fluorescent tubes. The colour output itself is created by either painting a fluorescent tube with a coloured finish or using coloured glass for the fluorescent tube, resulting in the white light from the fluorescent tube beaming a coloured light instead.

Our coloured fluorescent tube catalogue includes a complete range of glass T5 (15mm diameter) or T8 (25mm diameter) tubes in a choice of wattages ranging from 10 watts to 75 Watts. Each colour is also offered in all manufactured lengths, from 300mm to 1800mm. You will find red, blue, yellow and green lamps in each size enabling you to replace your atmospheric lights at a low cost with ease thanks to being direct, retrofit replacements.

Coloured fluorescent illumination is a versatile lighting solution for display and decorative lighting, advertising and party lighting, night club, hotel, department store and restaurant applications. As a result of this unique use in domestic and commercial applications, it is likely you may require a coloured fluorescent tube replacement if your existing light fitting starts to fail. Replacing a coloured fluorescent tube is simple, gently twist the old tube 90 degrees to release the old tube. Take the new tube, place the short metal prongs in the holes and gently twist 90 degrees; then test if your replaced tube is working.

Please note that shatter proofing is available upon request and may be subject to additional cost, please contact sales for a quote.

Do fluorescent light tubes come in different colours?

Fluorescent tubes come in no single colour, they instead come in a range of colours including:

  • Warm White: A great choice for communal spaces and living areas and thanks to the soft shade being easy on the eyes. Creating a comforting and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Cool White: Commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms to create a modern and fresh look whilst beaming a practical light. Helpful for when you're cleaning or cooking.
  • Daylight: Seen mostly in office spaces, this light mimics the light you see outdoors.
  • Coloured: If you want to get a bit experimental with the lighting in your area or spice it up for a special occasion, you can choose red, green, blue or yellow tubes.

The light of the fluorescent tube is determined by the phosphor coating inside the tube. This is because the ultraviolet photons created within the tube are made into visible light when they hit the phosphor coating of the tube, as a result, a different blend of phosphors are used to create distinct colour temperature. However, this is not possible for coloured fluorescent tubes. Therefore, the tube is either given a painted finish or the glass itself is coloured.

What are the benefits of red, green, blue and yellow light?

Coloured lighting found in products such as fluorescent tubes has proven to be helpful to both your physical and mental health, providing benefits such as stress relief, encouraging skin healing and helping sleep. However, different lights produce different benefits, so it's key to understanding what you're looking to achieve before you purchase your lighting product.

  • Red: Red light exposure during the evenings is a great idea, due to encouraging your body to produce the melatonin hormone, a chemical used to make you feel tired for sleep. Another added benefit is improving your workout, as red light exposure has been linked to preventing soreness and boosting strength.
  • Green: Pain relief is associated greatly with green light, as the body increases its production of enkephalins, a pain-killing opioid-like chemical. Helpful for dealing with chronic pains such as migraines.
  • Blue: Exposure to blue light is great for energy. As exposure during the day can make you feel more alert, improve your focus and productivity. This is due to blue light suppressing melatonin, a hormone we produce that makes you tired and sleepy. The added benefit to blue exposure during the day is making your body resistant to reducing your melatonin levels at night, ensuring you get your 8 hours.
  • Yellow: Yellow light has the benefits of encouraging skin recovery and healing, as the light encourages cellular growth. Great for dealing with skin irritation and redness.