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Dimmable LED Filament Bulbs

Classic in design, but with modern performance, our range of dimmable LED filament bulbs give you the look you want while using less energy than a traditional bulb. Coming in a range of styles and shapes, you can save up to 90-percent on energy usage and get the retro look you want, all while maintaining the dimming feature. These bulbs give you the option to choose your level of brightness, making changing the lighting for any situation easy. These bulbs are often used in both domestic and commercial settings as they keep the retro look but maintain modern capabilities.

Are LED filament bulbs dimmable?

Not all LED filament bulbs are dimmable but every one in this category is. We have a huge selection of different shapes, styles and sizes of any dimmable vintage bulb on the market, all produced by trusted and high quality brands including Minisun, Calex and Bell Lighting. With dimming and retro bulbs being the two of the quickest growing trends on the market it's no surprise that people are coming straight to BLT Direct when they need dimmable LED filament bulbs. 

How do I know if my LED filament bulb is dimmable?

You will not be able to determine if a bulb is dimmable or not just by looking at it. So unless you have the box or packaging then it will be hard to distinguish what is dimmable and what is non-dimmable. At BLT Direct we understand that it can be confusing when choosing the correct bulb, which is why we have made sure to have all the specifications of each product on our website, so your happy with your choice every time.