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BLT Direct have an extensive range of high-quality downlights, a collection that spans across a number of finishes, styles, and technologies. Choose from a variety of energy-efficient LED integrated fittings or versatile bulb-ready downlights. Able to be used in almost any domestic or commercial setting, downlights are a practical and stylish way of providing a clear, directional light. Brass, chrome, and white LED downlights are available for those looking for a modern finish with environment-friendly performance. Alternatively, you can check out our range of water-resistant IP65 rated downlights, a secure and durable light fitting for bathrooms. We also have fire-rated downlights on offer, which seal the install cavity during a fire, preventing the spread of fire through the ceiling.

LED Fire Rated IP65 GU10 Hole Cutters Fire Hoods Covers Bathroom

How Many Downlights Are Required Per Room?

The number of downlights required for a room is dependent on the size of the room and the lumen output of the downlights. As a general rule, one downlight per 1m² is typically enough to provide even lighting across the room. However, you must account for fitted wardrobes, kitchen wall units or anything that reduces ceiling space because this will make the room more compact and increase the light intensity. We are happy to help if you require assistance in planning your downlight light scheme for your rooms; contact our team via the form on our website or give us a call on 01473 716418.

How Far Apart Do You Put LED Downlights?

The spacing of your downlights is simple, simply take the height of your ceiling and divide by 2 to get the space needed between each downlight. For example, if you have an 8 feet ceiling then the space between each light should be 4 feet.

What's the difference between downlights and spotlights?

Downlights are very similar to spotlights but with slight distinct differences. Downlights can only provide downward light and are installed on ceilings in either recessed or surface mounted styles. Spotlights offer a multi-directional light and can be rotated to suit any interior. Spotlights are typically wall-mounted but can be installed onto a ceiling if desired. Because downlights are recessed into the ceiling or under cabinets, they offer a sleek, smooth to the touch finish and save space in a kitchen or bathroom. 

Do I Require A Transformer With LED Downlights?

Most of our LED downlights connect to mains voltage which means they will not require a transformer or driver. Low voltage downlights are available and will need a transformer or driver dependent on their technology. Low voltage LED downlights will require a LED Driver, whereas a low voltage halogen downlight will need a transformer.  If you have any questions about our range of LED downlights, don't hesitate to contact us. 

How Many Downlights Can You Have On One Switch?

There is no definite rule on the number of downlights that can be used on a switch; however, to avoid overloading the circuit, the wattage of your light switch must be greater than the combined wattage of all light fittings. This means that the lower the wattage of each downlight, the more that can be controlled by a single switch. This is why we recommend LED downlights, as they are more energy-efficient and have a far lower wattage than halogen equivalents, allowing you to control more downlights from one switch.

Can I Replace My Halogen Downlights With LEDs?

Downlights that require a bulb can accept halogen and LED bulbs, allowing you to directly replace an old halogen bulb with an energy-efficient LED. Complete LED integrated downlights are also available, replacing the whole fitting with a cost-effective and eco-friendly equivalent.