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Duracell Batteries

Introducing a complete selection of Duracell Batteries. Duracell is a well-recognised brand offering Batteries of many types and sizes. At the forefront of research into advanced battery technologies including lithium, manganese dioxide and zinc air batteries as well as nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, Duracell have developed a comprehensive and application specific range that we are pleased to offer to you at very competitive prices.

 Duracell have now colour coded their battery range making it simple to ensure you are purchasing the correct replacement or new batteries for your needs.

We have categorised Duracell batteries by size as well as type. Within each section you will find detailed specifications for each battery, be it standard, rechargeable, specialist (e.g. hearing aid, security, camera), alkaline, lithium, silver oxide and more. It seems we cannot live a life without batteries, so make sure you buy one of the best and most reliable high performance brands right here.