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Edison Screw Daylight Bulbs

Edison Screw bulbs are the most popular type of bulb cap on the market and can be found in homes, businesses, and industrial areas. At BLT Direct, we offer an expansive collection of daylight Edison screw bulbs in a range of diameters including, 27mm, 14mm, and 40mm. Our daylight Edison screw bulbs come in an impressive range of shapes and styles, with candles, corn lamps, reflectors, and GLS bulbs all available in multiple wattages and from UK-leading brands. Check the technical specifications below each bulb and fitting to ensure that they match and can be installed together.

What is a E27 bulb?

An E27 bulb is a light bulb with an Edison screw base that measures 27mm. This type of bulb is the most commonly found Edison screw variant and is often known as an 'ES' light bulb. It is a general rule that if the base diameter is not specified on an Edison Screw light bulb, it is accepted that it is an E27. Small Edison screw bulbs are available that measure 14mm for the smaller fittings. We also have giant Edison screw base bulbs that have a diameter of 40mm.