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Emergency Bulkhead Light Fittings

Emergency bulkhead light fittings are a high output reliable source of illumination suitable for large industrial and commercial spaces, with an added emergency function providing efficient lighting when the power source has been removed. We offer a comprehensive range of emergency fittings with a choice of opal and prismatic diffusers, with styles featuring movement detection microwave sensors too.  With both maintained and non-maintained options available, BLT Direct has covered all bases when approaching safety lighting.  LED emergency bulkheads are now in stock for a longer-lasting and energy-saving method of lighting rooms, corridors, and staircases in an emergency.

What is an emergency bulkhead?

An emergency bulkhead is one of the most commonly used emergency lighting fittings. This is because it is not a directional light and therefore has a greater light coverage when compared to a downlight, giving people a better view of an exit or any potential dangers in an emergency. Another benefit that LED emergency bulkheads possess is that they can be wall or ceiling-mounted, allowing for a wider range of applications. All of our emergency bulkheads have a high lumen output, up to 1600 lumens, so they provide as much light as possible during an emergency.

Where do I put an emergency bulkhead?

Emergency lighting should be used to create a safe and effective path to exit from a building during an emergency. For example, stairwells, corridors, and common areas all require emergency lighting. Regulations in the UK also state that an emergency light fitting must be placed above any fire alarms or firefighting appliance. It is important to note that there are different emergency lighting requirements for each building. Performing an emergency assessment determines a set of emergency lighting requirements that then have to be implemented.