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Emergency Light Fittings

Browse below our range of emergency light fittings, designed expertly by the most trusted manufacturers including, V-Tac and Red Arrow. From practical emergency bulkheads to space-efficient emergency downlights, we are sure to have the fitting that most suits your building shape and interior. With a vast range of wattages, brands, and light fitting types available, it's no wonder that more and more people are coming straight to BLT Direct to source their emergency light fittings.

What is a maintained emergency light fitting?

A maintained emergency light acts as a traditional light and uses the mains power to function when everything is normal. However, in the event of a power cut or drop in electricity, it will revert to a battery-powered backup light and act as an emergency light fitting. These dual-use lamps offer two functions and immediately switch to a rechargeable battery-operated light when a power cut occurs, providing safety lighting in an instant. These bulbs are often indistinguishable from everyday light fixtures.

What is an emergency bulkhead?

At BLT Direct, we offer emergency light fittings such as emergency bulkheads, battens, and downlights. These are available in maintained and non-maintained options and are designed to provide a safety light during a power cut or power outage. Our maintained emergency light fittings all have a dual function and are used as traditional lights until a drop in power causes the emergency lighting to take effect immediately. Bulkheads are a versatile option as they can be used for ceiling and wall lighting and produce omnidirectional light, illuminating more space in an emergency than other light fittings such as downlights.