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Eterna Lighting

Are you looking for a diverse and comprehensive range of utility lighting? Well your search is over! Here at BLT Direct we stock the complete range of products from Eterna Lighting that includes amenity lighting, lighting controls, emergency lighting and so much more.

Whatever your requirements, be they external floodlighting, ceiling lights, display, cabinet or garden lights, and even heaters you are sure to find the solution here.

The beauty of Eterna Lighting products is in the quality and construction; both of a high standard and all at an affordable price. The saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’; with Eterna products you get more than what you pay for, in reliability, craftsmanship, choice and diversity.

Eterna Lighting Products

Amenity Lighting

Amenity lighting is available in a multitude of forms; wall lights, lanterns, well glass fittings, bollard lights, security PIR lights, bricklights& bulkhead lights. Suitable for residential, industrial and commercial applications this range also offers a discreet, elegant and economical lighting solution for driveways, patios, decking and garden steps making them safer and more attractive areas after dark. The range of products includes incandescent, compact fluorescent, low energy and LED lights. For example, our choice of bricklights includes a super energy efficient LED light that features a stylish stainless steel frame and a non-replaceable LED panel boasting an average life of 20,000 hours making it maintenance free. It is also IP65 rated! If you are looking for a standard entry level solution look no further than the 40 watt bricklight which will light the way at a competitive price whilst retaining quality construction.

Garden Lighting

To create tasteful stylish illumination in your garden Eterna have developed their range of garden lighting solutions; stainless steel adjustable wall lights in a choice of wattages will give directional lighting whilst single or twin ground lights could be used for path lighting or ornament/shrub illumination. We also stock a variety of deck lights such as the GX53 CFL low energy deck light that is IP68 rated and includes a selection of colour filters enabling versatile lighting solutions.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is made simple with Eterna’s range of illuminated mirrors, globe lights, fluorescent wall lights, shaver lights, over mirror lights & low energy ceiling/wall fittings.

External Floodlighting

It is important to light the way with reliable floodlighting and we stock just this with our choice of Eterna floodlights. From high intensity SON bulkheads that are IP65 rated with a shrouded diffuser for maximum light output to low energy polycarbonate floodlights with PIR or photocells for movement detection, halogen floodlights and more besides, all at a realistic price, look no further than BLT Direct!

Cabinet Lighting and Accessories

Cabinet lighting is right here in a choice of wattages and styles including LED and low voltage options. Our LED Cabinet Lights are available as striplights, miniature surface/recessed downlights and low energy GX53 fittings. The LED striplights are super flat and the inclusion of a link lead and connector allows for continuous, spaced or radial installations that make a statement, have ultra-low power consumption and an average life of 20,000 hours. Eterna’s Link & Lightrange of cabinet lighting allows for 5 compatible fittings to be linked creating tasteful, discreet illumination under cabinets. If you are seeking individual downlights you could do no better than a low voltage cabinet downlight or a miniature LED downlight that is suitable for a multitude of applications. Our range of Eterna cabinet lighting accessories includes link leads, constant voltage drivers and transformers.

Ceiling and Wall Lighting

Ceiling and wall lighting is suitable for a wide choice of applications depending on the product, from bathrooms and hall ceiling lights to picture illumination and utility lights and more besides. Whether you are seeking a low energy wall light, an IP55 Rated bathroom light or a decorative circular ceiling fitting the answer is here.

Emergency Lighting

We stock maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting, twin spot IP65 rated fittings, emergency down lights and ceiling fixtures, legends, frames and replacement lamps and more besides. All reliable, well-constructed products from Eterna.

Display Lighting

A choice of wattages, style and finishes such as polished chrome, brushed nickel or white is what you will get from Eterna display lighting products. From traditional styles to contemporary designs, halogen spots to low energy quad split bars the choice is great.

Lighting Controls

This range includes everything from remote fixing electronic photocells and flush mounted 360 degree PIR detectors to electronic outdoor time delay switches and IP44 Rated external detectors and more besides. Time delay switches are ideal for those small store cupboards or garages where lights are easily forgotten, whilst PIR detectors feature various detection zones and are time adjustable from 10 seconds to 15 minutes.

Eterna Heating

Not only do Eterna have their excellent lighting range, they also have a range of heaters & heating products including down flow heaters, tubular heaters, tubular heater guards, plinth heaters, patio heaters, screen heaters, towel rails, bathroom heaters & frost protection heaters. If you wish to quickly warm a small room use a fan heater, to maintain temperature use a thermostatically controlled radiator. Infrared heaters emit direct radiant heat quickly and efficiently and are an excellent solution to heating those chilly outside entertaining areas quickly. The diversity of Eterna heating products is wide and well worth investing in.

Eterna, market leader in utility lighting, has been involved in the design and manufacture of light fittings since 1936. Initially specializing in the design and manufacture of lighting for incorporation into domestic furniture and kitchen fitments, the last 10 years has seen the successful diversification of its business through introduction of many innovative product lines. BLT Direct is pleased to bring these products to you, all at an affordable price.

If you have any questions or cannot find a product you require please call our sales team on 01473 716418.