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Everything You Need To Know About LED Profile

Aluminium LED Strip profile also known as LED Channel is used to house or contain LED Strip lighting that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source. It is used to create dramatic lighting effects, enhance visibility, and provide a more creative energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting.

LED Strip Profile gives a professional durable finish to any lighting installation. A wide range of commercial lighting applications are now being complemented by LED Strip profiles, which are fast becoming one of the most popular choices in lighting. These applications include stage lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and a variety of other lighting functions in offices, hotels, sports and entertainment centres, and even in public places.

A LED profile light can be used in domestic applications to add a touch of style and effect to kitchens, staircases, and closets at the same time as providing functional task lighting. Additionally, LED Strip Profile can be used for decorative purposes. It can be used to create an atmosphere of luxury, modernity or sophistication in many different rooms. It is both aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient.

What are the different types of LED Profile?

LED Profiles are light fixtures used in a variety of applications such as linear lighting, architectural lighting, and display lighting. They come in different shapes and sizes including surface mounted , recessed, corner, Plaster-in LED Profile and systems that suspend from the ceiling. They can be made from aluminium, extruded plastic, or anodized aluminium. They can also come with different cover options such as clear plastic, frosted or opal plastic, or prismatic lenses.

How many colours and finishes are available for LED profiles

LED profiles and channels are available in a range of colours, such as white, black, and silver. Certain LED profiles can also be personalised with distinct colours and finishes. There is a selection of covers or lids that can be easily inserted into the profile, including opal, frosted, clear, and black. This provides the opportunity to achieve a unique lighting effect for your installation, depending on whether you prefer the LED lighting strip to be visible or diffused. For instance, you can create lines of light on a black wall by using a black profile and lid, concealing the profile until the light is turned on.

Planning your LED Profile installation

Careful planning is essential when installing your LED profile and selecting the appropriate profile for the task. The profile should have sufficient room to accommodate the LED strip, so the width of the chosen LED strip is typically the first factor to consider. Next, determine the length of the runs. Profiles are usually available in 1m or 2m sizes, so it may be necessary to trim a length to meet your final requirements.

Remember to purchase the necessary end caps and fixing brackets for the cover. If you have a recessed profile that fits into the surface, you can secure it using either screws or double-sided adhesive tape. In the case of an architectural hanging system, suspension wire and brackets will also be required.

How to fix LED Strip into the LED Profile

First, measure the length of the LED strip that needs to be installed and cut it to size. Then, insert the LED strip into the LED profile some strips have a peel off strip that enables you to stick it to the profile or you can use a double sided tape.. Once the LED strip is in place, secure it in place using the mounting clips that are provided with the LED profile. Finally, connect the LED strip to the power source and enjoy the lighting effects.

Are LED Profile Waterproof

Yes, many LED profiles and channels are waterproof. This is because they typically have a waterproof coating that is applied to the aluminum frame and diffuser. This ensures that water does not penetrate the profile and reach the LED light source. This coating also prevents corrosion due to environmental factors, such as salt water and humidity. It also increases the durability of the profile, making it more resistant to external impacts.

What is the future for LED Profile?

As LED technology continues to develop, the use of LED Strip Profiles is predicted to increase in popularity. This is due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and the versatility of the lighting they provide. Additionally, LED Profiles that contain LED Strip are becoming more affordable and customizable providing dynamic lighting solutions, making them an attractive option for many lighting applications.

Created by Gary Baker on 9th August, 2023


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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