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Warm White LED G4 Bulbs

Whether trying to create an atmosphere with ambient, classy lighting, or just needed to add a touch of warmth to a room, our G4 LED Warm white bulbs are sure to impress. Our range of low wattage LED alternatives, replace outdated halogens, keeping your energy costs low and reducing your carbon footprint. We also ensure that all of our G4 LED Warm white lighting is made with extreme quality and care from the most trusted manufacturers. reducing replacement costs and increasing longevity. Why not browse our range and find the right bulb for you?

Which is brighter soft white or Warm White?

Warm White is often called 'soft white' because warm white is a colour that isn't as harsh as others. The best way to determine if a colour is the correct one is to check the kelvin rating, this is the rating that describes the colour temperature of the light bulb. Warm white bulbs have a kelvin rating of 2700-3000k and have a yellowish warm tone, perfect for areas that need a more inviting touch like bedrooms or living rooms. If your looking for a particularly bright bulb, we encourage you to look at the lumen output in the specification of each bulb on our website to find the best bulb for you. 

Is Warm White or Cool White better for bathrooms?

All of our bulbs can be used for any indoor application, so it's your personal choice on which lighting scheme you choose to have for each room. Cool White bulbs are typically used for modern kitchens and bathrooms, whereas a softer colour like warm white is used for bedrooms and dining rooms to create an atmosphere that is more comforting. Ultimately it is your decision where to use your warm or cool white lighting, but with BLT Direct's G4 LED Warm White bulbs, you can be assure that the quality is exceptional every time.