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Get your garden ready for spring


With spring just waiting around the corner, its time to give your garden a little TLC so that when the warmer weather arrives, you'll have a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.
Here are a few tips to give your garden an instant upgrade and get ready for those hazy summer nights and fun-filled BBQs.

Get tidying!

Over the winter months, your garden may have accumulated lots of soggy dead leaves, the occasional weed and overall, be showing the brunt of bad weather and not much maintenance. Before you can start sprucing up with new plants, lighting and furniture, get tidying. Spend a couple of hours getting rid of dead foliage and trim back plants that have started to look a little unruly.
Power up your patio
Patio areas can get slimy after months of wet weather and are often the cause of slips and trips, especially if you don't have adequate levels of outdoor lighting and can't see any potential dangers such as moss or algae on the ground.
Using a power washer, rid any patio slabs, decking or stone areas of built up grime and double check that your outdoor lighting is working correctly to illuminate these areas.

Illuminate your favourite shrubs

Solar lighting and shrubs are a match made in heaven, so if you have a particular shrub that you want to draw attention to in the summer months, now is the perfect time to install solar lighting nearby while the plant remains dormant.
Clear away any dead leaves or twigs near the shrub and select the style of solar lighting that works best in your garden as together, they make an incredible display once the space blooms back into life.

Create a garden focal point

If you don’t have room for a pond or garden pagoda, create a feature in your garden using lighting.
Garden fencing can be upgraded using festoon lights, wall lights can offer an ambient glow to patio areas, and decking can be given a lift with colourful decking lights which is now available in a rainbow of shades.
All of these upgrades take very little time to install with kits available from BLT Direct, so give your garden a spring makeover and be BBQ ready in no time!

Created by Steve Ellwood on 26th February, 2020


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct