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Green Light Bulbs

If you're looking to secure a light bulb for your party or looking for replace your existing bulb with a calming light, you'll find what you're looking for in green light bulbs from BLT Direct Limited.
From trusted brands such as Prolite, Kosnic and Crompton, BLT Direct introduces our comprehensive range of green light bulbs. In a variety of wattages, shapes, technologies and lumen outputs, you’re sure to find the exact green lamp you’re looking for.

If you have any queries regarding the purchasing of one of the below products, feel free to contact our friendly Sales line at 01473 716418, who are more than happy to help.

What are green light bulbs used for?

Green light bulbs are often used for decorative lighting or to enhance the existing colour on a subject. This is due to green being a pleasant, soft colour that illuminates well from a lamp, as a result, it is great for providing a splash of colour to objects such as a plant or painting in your home. Green lighting can also make for a fantastic choice at parties, due to its bright, vibrant colour output. Lastly, green lighting is also known for creating a soothing, calm atmosphere which makes them an ideal lighting choice for a safe space to deal with physical and mental pains such as anxiety and migraines.

Can you get green light bulbs?

A wide range of green coloured light bulbs is available here at BLT Direct, from trusted brands such as BELL Lighting, Crompton, Kosnic and Prolite. There are many different types of light bulbs available, however, this can range from the type of technology used such as, LED, incandescent or halogen, to the wattage of the light bulb being 1 Watt-1000 Watt and even to the shape of the light bulb, for example, GLS, golfball, pygmy and candle bulbs. Our complete range of green light bulbs is competitively priced with a sales team ready to assist you with any queries you may have.

What are green light bulbs called?

Light bulbs with a green colour output are simply called green light bulbs. However, this must not be confused with light bulbs that have a green finish rather than a green colour output itself. Green light bulbs output a genuine green light, whereas green finish bulbs produce a white light with a green tint due to white light passing through the green finish. Also, green light bulbs are not the same as solar lighting which is sometimes referred to as green lighting.

Do green light bulbs deter bugs?

An insect’s eyesight can be very limited in what light it can see, this is due to a bug’s eyesight typically being limited to shorter wavelengths, the longer the wavelength the more colour blind the insect becomes. Unfortunately, green is a light bugs can typically see due to green having a short wavelength. However, there are worse offenders, blue is the colour commonly seen most by insects, meaning green is better at deterring bugs than blue.

Despite this, light colour is not the only determining factor if a bug is attracted to a light source or not. One of the best ways to deter bugs whilst still using green lighting is to use an LED light. This is because LED lights produce little to no warmth and Ultra-Violet (UV) light, insects can see the warmth and the ultraviolet produced from a light source, meaning older technologies such as incandescent and fluorescent are less effective at keeping insects away.