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GU5.3 Light Bulbs

GU5.3 bulbs have been one of the most commonly used bulbs in spotlights for domestic and commercial properties for many years. GU5.3 refers to the cap of the light bulb featuring 2 pins, 5.3mm apart and is mostly found on MR16 reflector bulbs and less so on capsule and specialist lamps. When used on MR16s the focussed beam of this bulb emits a bright light that can brighten any area. They have been very popular and easy to get hold of as a halogen version and more recently as an LED.

Perfect for any room in your house that needs brightening up, or for adding light to a commercial office or kitchen, GU5.3 reflector bulbs have been a perfect solution for lighting up kitchens, bathrooms and communal areas.
Choosing the right replacement bulbs for your home can sometimes feel like a challenge when you’re faced with so many different products, brands, shapes and sizes. At BLT Direct, we like to make things as easy as possible to find the right lighting solution for your needs. We stock a range of GU5.3 bulbs in both LED and Halogen models. You can also have your pick from a variety of wattages, colours, finishes and sizes and if you are looking to save money upgrade to the LED version which is far more energy-efficient than the old style halogen bulbs.

Browse our comprehensive collection of GU5.3 bulbs today, or keep on reading to find out more about these popular lighting solutions.

What is a GU5.3 light bulb?

A GU5.3 light bulb is a lamp that has a GU5.3 base, this refers to the distance between the two pins at the bottom of the bulb measuring 5.3mm apart. These lamps are also sometimes referred to as MR16 push and fit lamps, operating at a voltage of 12 Volts. You'll most commonly find GU5.3 light bulbs in spotlights, recessed ceiling lights, and pendant lighting.

What is a GU5.3 base?

A GU5.3 base is one of the two bases that can be used in MR16 bulbs. A GU5.3 is a two-pin push to fit bulb, which operates using 12 volts.

The other similar base that is commonly used on MR16 bulbs is a GU10. This model is a twist bulb that operates at a mains voltage of 240 volts so it's important to select the correct version.

Can I replace GU5.3 halogen with LED?

LED bulbs are much more environmentally-friendly than halogen alternatives so it’s natural that you’d want to make the switch between bulbs. Luckily, you are able to replace them and it’s not  hard to do. The pin spacing of GU5.3 LED bulbs is exactly the same as the halogen models, so any LED bulb will fit into an existing halogen fitting, however, problems may arise if your existing transformer is not compatible with LED bulbs. 

An incompatible transformer can result in flickering, overheating, a shortened lifespan of the bulb and other unnecessary negatives. Therefore, you’ll want to double check or consult your supplier to confirm whether your current transformer is compatible with LED bulbs. Otherwise, you should encounter no troubles replacing your old halogen GU5.3 bulbs with LED GU5.3 bulbs.

What are the benefits of an LED GU5.3 bulb?

The main benefit of LED bulbs is that they are much more environmentally friendly compared to halogen alternatives. If you want a more sustainable source of light in your home that doesn’t require as much energy to power, LED should always be a natural choice.

Compared to halogen bulbs, a GU5.3 LED bulb will also last a lot longer and are more reliable and less energy-intensive.

LED GU5.3 bulbs are able to produce a greater lumen output with less wattage usage compared to Halogen GU5.3 bulbs. For instance, an LED GU5.3 lamp requires a wattage of 5.2 to produce a lumen output of 350 lumen, in contrast, a Halogen GU5.3 lamp requires a wattage of 35 to produce the same lumen output of 350 lumens.

If I get GU5.3 LED Bulbs, will I have to change my transformers?

In most cases you won’t need to change your transformers, it’s only if your existing transformers aren’t compatible with the LED bulbs that you will have to upgrade to LED drivers. Its best to check the brand of transformer with your supplier first

Using a transformer that isn’t compatible with LED bulbs could cause overheating, flickering and shortening the lifespan of your GU5.3 light bulb.

Are GU5.3 bulbs the same as MR16?

No, GU5.3 bulbs and MR16 bulbs aren't the same thing. GU5.3 refers to the cap and MR16 refers to the shape of the bulb, although you’ll often hear people using the two terms interchangeably. The main difference to be aware of is that normally when people talk about GU5.3 bulbs, they’re talking about the actual cap on an MR16.

What is the difference between GU5.3 and GU10?

The main difference between GU5.3 and GU10 bulbs is their pin types and voltage. A GU5.3 bulb uses a push-fit design whereas a GU10 bulb will use a twist and lock design. The GU5.3 is a 12 volt lamp and the GU10 is a 240 volt lamp.

Where is the best place to buy GU5.3 light bulbs online?

If you’re looking for a wide range of GU5.3 bulbs in a variety of shapes, sizes and light colours, BLT Direct is the perfect place to shop.

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