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Heat Outdoors

Founded in 2007, Heat Outdoors is an award winning manufacturer of Patio Heaters, with some of their most well known customers being Chelsea Football Club, Coca Cola, Costa Coffee, The Royal Air Force and many more in the commercial and residential sector.

Heat Outdoors offer a wide range of the newest, innovative patio heaters that benefit from the latest in technological advances, producing a mixture of gas and electric heaters, with some making use of infra-red due to its cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. The heaters are manufactured to provide a quick and effective heating source for small to large indoor or outdoor environments, suitable for domestic and commercial applications and offering a wide number of wattages/outputs to meet the requirements of all.

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Can I use patio heaters indoors?

Patio Heaters can be used for indoor applications such as covered barbecue areas and warehousing and are an excellent way to provide instant heat inside in the right application. However, you should take some precautions, before moving your patio heaters indoors:

  1. Your patio heater must be electric infrared based. You cannot use a gas based heater as  it can give off a harmful gas that can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. The risk of this is massively reduced outdoors due to the carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide disperses towards the sky almost immediately. Greatly reducing any risk of inhaling the harmful gases.
  2. Keep the patio heater housing at least 30cm away from surfaces and potentially further for some surfaces, we recommend checking with the manufacturer for full details.
  3. A patio heater has a high surface temperature, creating an increased opportunity for a burn risk, so it is recommended to place them out of reach for pets and children.
  4. Unlike heaters designed for indoor use, patio heaters do not have the same appropriate safety features for use indoors. This ranges from sensors and thermostats that monitor and detect fluctuation of temperature, as any abnormalities and malfunctions will automatically turn the heater off. Therefore, you should choose the position of your heater carefully and if in any doubt contact the manufacturer.

See what Steve Levy, Managing Director of Heat Outdoors has to say about this:

Can I use patio heaters in the rain?

Yes, you can use a patio heater in the rain so long as the patio heater has the appropriate Ingress Protection rating of IP54 or higher.

Depending on where you live however, may determine what IP rating you require for your patio heater, generally your best choice is an IP65 rated Patio Heater as this provides protection against heavy rain alongside dust ingress (especially useful if used near the seaside). Find a quick breakdown of IP ratings you can find on patio heaters below: 

  • IP44: Provides protection from tools and small wires greater than 1 mm and against water splashes from any direction.
  • IP55: Provides protection from limited dust ingress and against multi-directional low-pressure water sprays.
  • IP66: Provides protection from total dust ingress and against high pressure water jets from any direction.