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Helvar Ballasts and LED Drivers

Introducing the Helvar portfolio of control gear specialising in controllable and non-controllable electronic ballasts, lighting control products and magnetic ballasts. We stock electromagnetic ballasts, standard, controllable and digital electronic ballasts as well as analogue and digital lighting control electronics. As one of the primary companies to develop and manufacture electronic ballasts Helvar has a wealth of experience to bring to their product range.

This is reflected in the reliability and performance of their products, each being 100% quality controlled, guaranteeing optimal lamp performance and lifespan.

We have categorised the Helvar range into ballast type; within each section a product list with individual specifications to lead you to the correct gear. HPS, HMPV and Metal Halide ballasts offer a very low magnetic field, low harmonics and low power losses. Fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent ballasts offer almost unrivalled performance with features including stabilised, flicker free light output, over-voltage and over-temperature protection, silent operation and end of life shutdown. Energy-efficient solutions are common throughout the Helvar range, with ballasts lasting 50,000 hours and saving 30-50% in consumption compared to conventional gear. This is an exceptional range of ballasts from an established company with a proven track record of manufacturing ballasts that optimise lamp performance.