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Installation Of LED Strip


These instructions should be used to aid in the installation of 12/24V Single Colour, RGB or RGBW strip.


This product should only be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person to the current Building and IEE Wiring Regulations.

Please isolate mains prior to installation/maintenance.

Please note the IP rating of the product when deciding the instal location.


Please Note: The use of an amplifier is recommended for installtions above 10 metres, as voltage drop may occur.

  1. Provide power to the point of the installation.

  2. Decide on the desired layout of the LED strip, taking into account the following:

The cables are long enough to connect to the driver.
The led strip is not going to be installed in a position where it is at risk of being cut, trapped or damaged.
The total maximum length does not exceed the max power rating of the LED Driver.

  1. Cut the LED strip to desired length and only on the indicated cut lines between the copper connections. (every 50mm for 12 volt and every 100mm for 24 volt).


  1. Using the self-adhesive backing secure the strip to the surface. (Ensure the area is clean and dust free).

  2. Ensuring the correct polarity is observed, connect the 230 volt mains supply to the primary side of the 12/24 volt constant voltage driver. Live (brown), Neutral (blue).

  3. Terminate the 12/24 volt LED Strip to the secondary side of the driver ensuring correct polarity is observed (+ Red) (- Black)


  1. Switch on power and test for correct operation.

Light Connection

The maximum distance that can be run is 10m for both 12/24 volt when connected in series. To power additional LED Strip (depending on LED Driver capacity) it is recommended that a signal amplifier is used to avoid volt drop and increase signal strength. This should be connected in parrallel up to the maximum power of the LED driver and dependent on controller being used.


Connection Accessories

LED Strip connectors can be used for reattaching the seperate segments of cut-to-zide strip lights.

Compatible connectors:

CONSS2P - Flexible connection joining 2 LED Strips together.
CONFLEX2P - Flexible connection joining 2 LED Strips together
CON2P - Rigid connection joining 2 LED Strips together
CONT2P - Rigid connection joining 3 LED Strips together
CONX2P - Rigid connection joining 4 LED strips together


  1. Open the cap to solderless connector
  2. Slide the LED Strip end, with the LEDs facing up, all the way into the solderless clamp.
  3. Close the hinged clamp
  4. Ensure correct polarity on both sides as marked on the LED Flex.


Example of LED Strip Installed Behind A TV


Created by Gary Baker on 22nd June, 2018


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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