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Kitchen Spotlights

Kitchen spotlights are a unique and stylish way to illuminate your kitchen. With a diverse range of spotlight bars, plates, and single fittings available, picking the style to suit your kitchen is easy. Our kitchen spotlights are built to withstand any kitchen occurrence including, splashes, steam, and dust, keeping your fittings pristine for longer. Our range covers LED integrated fittings and bulb-ready spotlights that accept any suitable halogen or LED light bulb. These bulbs are available in several colour temperatures and light colours, giving you a perfect look to complement your kitchen interior. Kitchen ceiling spotlights can be rotated to create the desired angle of light, drawing eyes to specific locations within a room.

Are spotlights good for kitchens?

Kitchen ceiling spotlights have become one of the most popular methods of kitchen lighting on the market. Versatile and adaptable, spotlights can be swiveled to shine at any angle, giving you complete control of the lighting in your kitchen. Kitchen spotlights can be small and applied to both walls and ceilings, making use of limited space in a kitchen. Overall, spotlights, whether bars, plates, or singles, are a great choice for simple, directional kitchen lighting. 

How do I choose kitchen spotlights?

Many factors can influence your choice of kitchen spotlights, including the size of your kitchen and its natural light sources. A kitchen is an area that needs to be illuminated well when cooking or preparing food; therefore, it is recommended that they have a light level of at least 60 lumens per square metre. Because kitchen spotlights are a directional light and don't illuminate a wide area, it is important that enough are installed to evenly light the room. Another factor one must consider is the style of spotlight. Under-cabinet LED integrated fittings are often used, along with spotlight bars or plates for overall kitchen lighting.