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LED Batten Lights

At BLT Direct, we’re more than ready to come to your assistance if you’re looking for quality LED batten lights. Many people have replaced their traditional fluorescent batten lights with LED equivalents to reduce lighting costs and make a better contribution to the environment. Whether you only have a limited budget or have more to spend, we’re confident we can help you find the first-class LED batten lights that you require. You can contact us at any point if you do have any queries about our LED batten lights or any of the products in our catalogue.

IP65 6ft 5ft Slimline Garage Battens

What are LED batten lights?

Batten lights are often used to light up public areas including toilets and car parks as well as private spaces like garages and utility rooms. When you switch to LED batten lights, you can reduce maintenance obligations and reduce waste typically lost through heat. As battens are enclosed, the light itself is much less vulnerable to wear and tear than it otherwise would be. LED batten lights use around 90% less energy than fluorescent and halogen lights. And because they don't take time to warm up, you shouldn’t face any problems like flickering when you start using LED batten lights. Full visibility will be available as soon as you turn the light on.

Can I replace fluorescent tubes with LED batten lights?

Yes. Many individuals and business owners have chosen to replace fluorescent tubes with batten lights. You can surface mount LED batten lights or have them suspended from your ceiling. Fluorescent tubes can be much costlier to run than LED batten lights, which is just one reason why so many people are making the switch. Batten lights are also available in many different sizes, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a suitable replacement for your existing tubes. \we also have IP65 batten lights available for outdoors areas. 

The video below shows just how simple it is to install an LED Batten Light:

How long do LED batten lights last?

LED batten lights can last for up to 90% longer than fluorescent tube lights and last thousands of hours. Once they finally reach the end of their lives, it will be relatively easy to dispose of them as you’ll have no toxic waste to worry about.

Are LED battens dimmable?

Not every LED batten is dimmable. However, options are available if required, these will be clearly labelled on the website. This is ideal for situations when you don’t require as much light and can help you save valuable energy. LED battens are environmentally friendly thanks to the way they feature no toxic chemicals.

Which are better, LED battens or fluorescent fittings?

Some people still use fluorescent fittings, though there are many advantages to switching to LED battens such as the reduced running costs and longer lifespans. If you’re struggling to choose between LED battens and fluorescent fittings, we can listen closely to what you have to say to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Do LED battens get hot?

Although LED bulbs can get hot, a heat sink in the bulb pulls the heat away so the heat is transferred into the air and the bulb itself remains cool. This is yet another reason why so many people are turning to LED technology.


Talk to BLT Direct today if you require more information about IP65, 6ft, 5ft, slimline or garage LED batten lights. You can reach us today by filling in the form on our site or by calling us on 01473 716418. You can also find us on a host of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.