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LED Candle Light Bulbs

LED Candle Light Bulbs are a great decorative light source designed to save consumer’s money. The shape of the bulb imitates the shape of a real candle, for a very attractive look that is often chosen by hotels, restaurants and other businesses where image is everything. These candle bulbs are LED and can offer energy savings of up to 90% when compared to halogen models, which can significantly cut energy bills for both homes and businesses. The LED Candle light bulbs also have a very long life span, with some lasting up to 50,000 hours. Naturally, this means the bulbs will be replaced less, saving even more money for the consumer.

Dimmable Bayonet Cap Cool White Warm White Daylight 40 Watt Equivalent LED Candle Light Bulbs 25 Watt Equivalent LED Candle Light Bulbs

What is a LED Candle Bulb?

An LED candle bulb is an energy efficient update to the previously used halogen or incandescent candle bulbs.  Candle bulbs imitate a real candle flame shape and provides a light that is high quality and classy. LED candle lights are often used in restaurants, bars and other businesses due to there striking and exceptional look and design. Our vast range of LED candle light bulbs includes dimmable options, imitation filament bulbs and flame-tipped bulbs that look very realistic. Brands available include Crompton, Prolite and Megaman – some of the biggest names in the business, so you’re guaranteed excellent quality and high performance. 

Can you get LED candle bulbs?

At BLT Direct we stock a wide range of candle bulbs that differ in size, shape and lumen output, so you always get the bulb that is right for you, whether you need accented lighting, lighting for your business, or to decorate your home. With various colour temperatures and dimming options available, our lights are adaptable and have an array of applications and uses, making them perfect for any room that requires high quality lighting. With LED candles now replacing older wasteful technologies, you can improve your lighting while saving money and being more environmentally friendly. LED candles offer energy savings of up to 90% and last thousands of hours longer, so its no surprise that people are coming to BLT Direct, one of the biggest LED light bulb providers in the UK, to source there LED candles. 

Is it okay to touch LED Bulbs?

While it is best to avoid touching or moving your bulbs to much to reduce the chances of damaging or breaking your bulbs, they are perfectly fine to touch with bare hands. This is because unlike halogens or incandescent bulbs, they do not get hot when lit as they use a different method to provide light. For example incandescent lights heat a filament until it glows, producing light but also a large amount of heat. LED bulbs have a current that runs through a semi-conductive material, producing light, and reducing the wasted heat energy so that the bulbs will remain cool.