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LED DD Butterfly Light Bulbs

LED DD Butterfly Lamps provide a superior light output and impressive energy savings over previously used fluorescent butterfly lamps. With a 2 pin GR8 or 4 pin GR10q base the LED lamp fits into the existing lamp holder, and with a minor modification, is ready to shine. Energy savings rate high on the list of benefits with this LED lamp with an instant 60% reduction in energy consumption. Add to this an impressive 40,000 hour lamp life, this bulb is the clear choice for cost effectiveness. The DD LED lamp is a slim, low profile light fitting perfect for utility applications such as communal stairwells, corridors and inaccessible areas in residential, industrial and commercial environments.

Do LED 2D lamps have starters?

If you are replacing your old fluorescent 2D lamp with a new eco-friendly LED then you will also need to purchase a LED starter to install the new LED into an existing fitting. This only applies to the 2 pin version of or 2D LED lamps as the 4 pin variant has a built in electronic control gear. The starter is used to complete the electronic circuit, allowing your LED bulb to produce light. We have a LED starters available on our website. 

What's the difference between a 2 pin and a 4 pin?

Apart from the obvious extra 2 pins, the 4 pin and 2 pin lamps are slightly different in the fact that they have different types of control gears. The 4 pin LED 2D lamps have a electronic control gear whereas the 2 pin LED 2D lamps have a magnetic control gear.